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Will COVID-19 be the end of globalization? – Has globalization been killing the middle class?

I agree that globalization has been killing the middle class and consolidating wealth rather than distributing it as has been claimed by supporters of it. Like most things there needs to be a balance and more protections need to be … Continue reading

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Large homeless camps pop up under bridges and in parks, spark safety concerns in Winnipeg | CTV News

CTV News https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/under-bridges-and-in-parks-what-s-inside-winnipeg-s-large-homeless-camps-1.4608967 Comments What was being done previously to reduce homelessness, serious crime and reign in soring policing costs was failing. All agreed somethings needed to change. The City, Province and community groups came up with some ideas. One … Continue reading

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Transparency for First Nations funding and is this Petition needed?

Transparency for First Nations funding and is this Petition needed? May 25 2016 – Kevin Yaworski For my Canadian Friends.  I am on the fence regarding signing the following petition and explain why below. If this matter is important to … Continue reading

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