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Online privacy tips for YouTube and in general plus some of their limitations

A tip for those that use the YouTube mobile app and care about limiting online data collection of personal information (aka digital fingerprint). If you have signed in to the app to interact, upload or other feature but want to … Continue reading

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Supreme Court decision on real estate data said to have benefited consumers, spurred innovation

https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/article-supreme-court-decision-on-real-estate-data-has-benefitted-consumers/ Dismantling this monopoly was long overdue. Now we need more Canadian options for these services. So far the main provider is foreign and only available in some markets. The other monopoly or over charging that is costing us much … Continue reading

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MIT experiment let internet users control a human

Niccolo Pescetelli is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab who created the online game BeeMe. (Pixaby) (Pixaby) — Would you let random strangers tell you what to do over the internet? Then this game is for you! CBC Radio … Continue reading

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