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Telcos in Australia temporarily block access to 4chan, liveleak and other sites to stop spread of disturbing video after mass shooting

Image: A police officer stands guard in front of the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 17, 2019. Worshippers at the Al Noor mosque was attacked in the massacre.Vincent Yu/AP — Mar 20 2019 The telcos … Continue reading

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Supporting hate groups like the Proud Boys got far-right leader Tommy Robinson kicked off Facebook and Instagram

Image: Vice News Feb 26 2019 – Vice News plus commentary Tommy Robinson was banned from Twitter in March 2018 for similar reasons. Hate speech and promoting violence is not allowed in traditional media so why should it be allowed … Continue reading

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Canadian Foreign Aid

https://goo.gl/images/oEq3zo Oct 31 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen — Many people concerned about sending Billions of tax dollars in foreign aid but not taking proper care of Canadian vets, seniors and others disadvantaged citizens. Several … Continue reading

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