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Will fear or rational thinking dominate as the COVID-19 virus outbreak plays out?

CTV news Mar 15 2020 — Comments I noticed last week in at least Winnipeg that panic buying started at Costco, Walmart and Superstore. Safeway, Coop and Sobeys were less affected initially. Not sure if demographics may have had something … Continue reading

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Agriculture and food industry as part of push for more sustainable food production

A photo provided by Perfect Day Foods of pints of their ice cream, which is vegan, lactose-free and contains milk proteins… Perfect Day Foods/The New York Times Lab-grown ice cream presents a labelling challenge for Canadian dairy https://nationalpost.com/news/lab-grown-ice-cream-presents-a-labelling-challenge-for-canadian-dairy — Milk’s … Continue reading

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Canadian Foreign Aid

https://goo.gl/images/oEq3zo Oct 31 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen — Many people concerned about sending Billions of tax dollars in foreign aid but not taking proper care of Canadian vets, seniors and others disadvantaged citizens. Several … Continue reading

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Safest Fish to Eat and 12 worst to avoid plus sustainability

Jan 30 2017 – Concerned Global Citizen If you are looking for the least contaminated fish, try keeping you choices with the following seafood: Alaska plaice (Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands) Alaskan pollock (Eastern Bering Sea) American plaice (New England) Arrowtooth flounder … Continue reading

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