Some inclusive schools dealing with serious violence



Kevin Yaworski – concerned citizen

January 6 2018

Serious violence against teachers, aids and other students is unacceptable even when it special needs students. There was more than enough chances in the case of the student in the following Globe article before expulsion. I feel for the parents but they should accept that their child needs something more than a public school can provide. Hopefully they can get him the help he needs to manage his behavior and one day be able to integrate in public school again.

Even integrating children with special needs but not violent is challenging. It helps these children and their parents but often comes at the cost of repeated distractions to the class and teaching.

This especially so in schools with limited number of teachers, teaching aids and related resources with experience and training in supporting these children which is not uncommon.

Educating Grayson: Are inclusive classrooms failing students?

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Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges

Falling plankton numbers is another blow for fisheries like crab and shrimp, which have been in decline. (CBC)

Archive below including some comments from Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation group and others.

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Global cooling and ice sheet increasing articles resurfacing

Arguments against climate change tend to share the same flaws. gillian maniscalco/Flickr, CC BY-ND

Jan 6 2018 – Concerned Citizen

Here is a comment on a post linking to the following heartland Institute article

Having seen this 2012 article before, the event mentioned was organized by The Heartland Institute. A far right libertarian group that’s still denying tobacco products are bad for your health. There funding is in excess of $8 million a year and they do not publish who donates / funds the organization.

Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, The Earth Is Cooling

773,719 views|May 31, 2012,3:26 pm
Peter Ferrara – Contributor
I cover public policy, particularly concerning economics.

Heartland Institute rated by Media Bias/Fact Check investigators as right biased with mixed factual reporting. Of the 200 from the public polled 66% said they extreme right biased and 14% said right biased.

Similar with the one NASA study claiming one area of Antarctica ice increasing while other studies from NASA and many peer reviewed studies clearly show global ice sheets and glaciers decreasing at a much faster rate than ever seen even in geological records spanning hundreds of thousands of years.


How to use critical thinking to spot false climate claims

February 6, 2018 11.46pm EST
Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland
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Money laundering case in BC dropped without any reasons given – update

A woman arrives at a storefront in Richmond, B.C., on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019. The RCMP raided the location in 2015 when it housed the business Style Travel.

It is concerning that this important case dropped without any reasons given and if there was no evidence to convict why are they allowed to go after proceeds of crime?

If there is evidense for that then why is the Crown not charging them criminally again?

B.C. operation laundered massive amounts of cash, court documents say

MIKE HAGER – Globe and Mail

The B.C. couple that recently had their high-profile money-laundering case dropped by the Crown was allegedly washing $220-million a year for criminals, including an international cocaine trafficker associated with a transnational gang, according to new court documents.

Neither the RCMP nor the Crown have explained why the money-laundering case fell apart, though the RCMP said in a statement afterward that it is conducting a “full-scale review.”


Public deserves clarity from Ottawa on collapse of money-laundering case, says B.C. official

Vancouver: The City That Had Too Much Money – Bloomberg Quint

How the opioid crisis was created and fueled

More on the opioid crisis and related

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More recalls of legal cannabis

In Alberta,

In Manitoba

With the amount of taxes added, shortages and now more recalls it will likely help keep the underground market alive and well so it failing to meet one if the main claims of legalizing.

Add in Mayor Bowman now saying if the Province doesn’t share cannabis revenue it will have to raise property taxes.

The Province says the added bureaucracy and policing costs from legalizing are unknown, yet the new legislation in MB has the highest fines in Canada and they are not permitting growing small amounts at home which is allowed in federal legislation.


bahahaha yep govt grown is sooo much safer, pay top dollar for mold

If they allowed the growing of small quantities for personal use. That would make a dent in black market operations. However. Charging more per gram at the retail price the govt is selling it for as opposed to what the black market charges ( which is 3.57 a gram or 100 an ounce) as opposed to the 15 buck and up a gram i see it for in retail environments and on top of it recalls now. Are not going to harm no one other than the govt but the only reason i can see that the govt wont allow us to grow is simple greed. If they cant make money on it forget it

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Electric vs Petrol Vehicle



Jan 5 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

Warning the content here or linked to has not been fact checked yet.

A commenter said the following on a recent post from the Fraser Institute with link to their oped.

Maybe one of my friends, followers or blog readers is knowledgable in the facts about this and can refute or verify this without misleading?

“Once again another alternative facts filled opinion piece the Fraser Institute publishes without vetting.

EV always produce less CO2 than a similar sized gasoline car, even when charged using coal fire generated electricity. Break even for the CO2 released during production can be achieved in as little as under 3 years in Quebec, little over 3 years in Ontario. (Alberta is the only terrible place to own an EV, with a CO2 break even point taking about 10 years of normal use.)”.

The Galileo Bowel Movement

Electric cars may not be as clean as they seem


Petrol vs electric cars – The Pros and Cons

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Facebook fact checking Canadian Articles

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