B.C. senior slapped with $368 distracted driving fine for cellphone in cup holder | Globalnews.ca

Posted October 1, 2019
Updated October 2, 2019

A very large portion of traffic enforcement is focused on targeting known and even created engineering deficiencies to maximize revenue. It comes at the cost of proper public safety, trust and respect plus less focus then is needed on preventing and investigating serious crimes.

Once revenue is once again forced to only go to improving road and pedestrian safety instead of paying bloated salaries and overbudget police services things will change.

More discussions here and the BC Sense FB page and website.



Police apologize, cancel B.C. senior’s distracted driving fine for cellphone in cup holder after major backlash on social media

Posted October 2, 2019

Police apologize, cancel B.C. senior’s distracted driving fine for cellphone in cup holder

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Ocean Cleanup starts harvesting plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


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Dealing with rampant thefts at Manitoba Liquor Stores

Curbing shoplifting at liquor stores

In 2017, there were approximately 658 thefts in Manitoba Liquor Marts reported to Winnipeg police. In 2018, the number jumped to 2,602 — a spike of nearly 300 per cent. In March of this year, the Crown corporation implemented new initiatives to curb theft from its liquor stores.4 days ago

5 teenage girls arrested after Winnipeg liquor store theft

Facebook Post from Concerned Citizen

See if we get answer here

@BrianPallister Mr. Premier. I voted for you, so I at least expect an answer.
At what point do you start holding management at Manitoba Liquor Commissions responsible for curbing thefts? Costing taxpayers hundreds thousands dollars and zero solutions.
Fix it or fire them.

This is just me, but 3 possible solutions
>ID upon entry
>must be buzzed out to leave
>setup like old Consumers Distributors. All stock in back out of sight. Point to a catalogue or touch screen and bring it to you.

Call me crazy, but are these not viable possible solutions? Without having to pay bloated management salary either!


In my experience with this and previous Premiers and Ministers their aids usually just forward to the deputy minister (in this case) Crown Corps or respond themselves.

They may respond formally after a few months and cc the Premier or Minister.

There is the Minuster and standing committee for Crown Corps at parliament and the LLC board who can be contacted. They both have open public consultations periodically. Your MP can speak when parliament is in session to raise an issue and or propose a bill and or introduce a private member’s bill to be voted on.

Once enough of the public take these and other meaningful actions for this and other important issues to them our elected and appointed officials and their public paid bureaucrats / policy analysts / spin doctors will take notice and we will start to see progress. Anything else and they give lip service, respond inadequately or ignore.

More comments

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Are we creating a snowflake society or is it progess?

I know it just a joke but it does make you think. This is just like not keeping score in youth sports. The kids keep track anyways but loosing teams and players are not reminded of it with standings on websites or at playoff times etc…

Is it part of the slow process of our current western society creating snowflakes or is there more kids on the autism spectrum now that have a more challenging time with adversity etc… and wanting to be a more inclusive society?

Is it bureaucrats, association heads, university experts trying to make a name for themselves with the next great policy or is it progress?

Why not put more effort into the causes and preventing autism and related conditions?

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Man dies in hospital, 1 week after police use to force arrest him: Manitoba IIU

Megan Benedictson, Digital Video journalist


Oct 1, 2019

Winnipeg police
The Winnipeg Police Service notified the IIU of the death on Tuesday. (File image.)

Manitoba’s police watchdog is investigating the death of a 27-year-old man, after officers used force on him during an arrest on Sept. 23.

The Independent Investigation Unit said Winnipeg police were called to Assiniboine Avenue and Kennedy Street at around 12:42 a.m. that morning, to check on the wellbeing of a man who was yelling and seemed confused.



7th dead this year… Hmm… Patterns tell us what?

… you better believe I’m not letting some dumb jock with a gun tell em what to do. We had 15? Cops off on paid leave for DUI in the last 12 months. One ran over a pedestrian. One was asleep at the wheel in an intersection. Policing up here is a joke. I know my rights and the laws. I will not Bend knee for some power tripping idiot.

… I know you are passionate about this and rightly so. Please know that not all police are like that. I personally know several that are not and they are trying to do the best job they can in a system that is severly broken.
There has been a brain drain and loss of critical thinking at WPS and elsewhere in the City and Province for some time plus incompetence, unethical influence, and corruption.

I don’t want to see you become another statistic. We teach our kids to step back and calm down before over reacting to something. Similar is even more important when dealing with heated situations and leathal weapons.

Yes we must stand up for our rights, our loved ones and the general public but be calm about it and if needed step back and deal with it after.

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Climate change science goes back decades ⁠— and so does rapid climate change skepticism, says historian

International director of the Norwegian Polar Institute Kim Holmen relaxes with a cup of tea as he travels past the Wahlenberg Glacier in Oscar II land at Spitsbergen in Svalbard, Norway, on Aug. 5, 2019. The northernmost town on the planet is also the fastest-warming, as Longyearbyen in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard feels the effects of climate change. (Hannah McKay/Reuters)
(Hannah McKay/Reuters)

Historian Naomi Oreskes breaks down the origins of efforts to undermine climate action, links to the tobacco industry and the start of environmentalism.

CBC Radio · Posted: Sep 27, 2019

Some of the interview from this podcast has been transcribed in the following CBC article but listen to the full episode below to get better context and understanding.

More from CBC Ideas

The Origins of Specious: Rapid Climate Change Denialism

Climate change denialism has been around for years. And it’s still here, even after four decades of scientific consensus that humans are causing the climate crisis. But why? Harvard science historian Naomi Oreskes explains in a public talk how denying climate change came to be a personal and political belief.

Listen or Download The Origins of Specious: Climate Change Denialism
[mp3 file: runs 00:54:09]

Alternate link:



Statment from The American Physical Society (APS) about global warming.

Discovery of Global Warming site created by Spencer Weart with initial support but not endorsement from the American Institute of Physics, the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Draft notes from above podcast:

The Koch brothers who have made Billions from coal and other fossil fuels. They have provided over $100 Million in funding to the Heartland institute, other think tanks and groups that distribute misinformation about rapid clmate change, balanced regulation and environmentalism.

Tens of thousands of books have been produced containing this misinformatioand and sent to science teachers.

What is the argument really about?

Governance, regulation and free markets.

Failures, …

Only a handful of scientists have given their voice to the misinformation.

Typical responses to the scientific facts are “fixing will be too expensive, they will destroy the economy, undermine personal freedoms or nothing needs to be done or why make the effort for something that might not exist.”

Peter Wall U of BC

1965 …

Predicted 20% more C02 by 2000

Lyndon Johnson responded …

In 1979 the National Sciences Institute demonstrated a consensous by the majority of active climate scientists on the accelerating of climate change from human activties but they were not sure how long before the impacts would be felt.

But only six years later Jim Hanson detailed report provideded the evidence.

In 1988 he was called to testify to the US Senate.

The issue became political after scientific doubts initially which were premature …

Who started the rapid climate change denialism?

If you go back it was main three scientists

Robert Jastrow, together with Fred Seitz and William Nierenberg, established the George C. Marshall Institute[3] to counter the scientists who were arguing against U. S. President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, arguing for equal time in the media. This institute was later critical of the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming.[4] Jastrow acknowledged the earth was experiencing a warming trend, but claimed that the cause was likely to be natural variation.[5]

Fedrick Seitz – Tobacco harm denialism with court testifing on behalf of large well paying tobacco corporations.


These three were part of the military presence – stratefic defense, Star Wars / SDI.

Witb the fall of the Berlin wall, communism decline and the coldwar ending they called it a success of the free market capitalism model.

Environmentalism and activism started.

They used the playbook from thr Tobacco industry to spread disinformation.

Q…, Alexis?, Libertain think tank …

Funded by the the Tobacco industry.

They claimed regulation and environmental laws were the slippery slope toward communism and socialism, that it opens the door …

George Well called environmentalism a green tree with red roots.

She goes on with some examples of what else was said of environmentalism o that with “Liberals should be that organised”

Environmentalism started by men like Teddy Roosevelt, John D Rockefeller (called for national parks and …) and other strong republicans.

Back then environmental protection laws passed with large bipartisan margins.

In the 1980’s Regan helped stall environmentalism and promoted de-regulation to try and counter recession.

Acid rain, ozone depetion, second hand smoke and other significant issues tackled by government involvement and better choices by key industry players.

Then environmentalism was headed on a collision course with right wing thinking.

The right didn’t want to admit failures of full free market models with little regulation.

Proper economic models now factor in the huge externalized costs of carbon emissions. China uses large amounts of coal, oil and gas for energy to produce and create products sold to the US and other large western countries.

The real costs are going to be higher than the short term benefits.

The IMF pegs the cost of carbon including these externalized costs at over $3 Trillion per year world wide.

Wall institute at U of BC …

Facsimile science is a serious threat …

Journalists can’t give it or other misinformation equal time. The public noticing must call this out.

There is a long history of the private sector saying explotation of … results in loss of freedoms but ….

In 1960 the private electricity generation industry used the Berlin wall in an ad as example of how freedom is lost.

They were trying to avoid eastern Canada’s municipal generation success stories that started in 1920.

Book: Merchants of Doubt

Already many great examples of carbon neutral or zero carbon projects.

Bullet Center Building in Seatte produces 52% more power than it uses. Construction costs were in line with regular buildings

Sun drop farms in western Australia, mostly private sector funding, Desalination to water crops, fossil fuel free.

Alberta the Texas of the north has an ambitious and comprehensive carbon reduction plan that it has already started implementing albiet with some recent set backs.

Denialism is also rooted in fear of excessive government and the illusion that full free markets do not have failure or weaknesses.

Governance is failing when influenced by unethical and corrupted players.

If we allow this to continue unabated we all get a lot poorer.

See what NOAA and the Boulder Climate Action plan are doing and saying aboug current green technology, growth, without energy storage, utilizing an integrated grid in NA as a whole. I.e somewhere in NA the sun is shinning, water is running and the wind is blowing, Add in feothermal ther grewner technology. Longer distance transmissionmore efficient if converted to DC. Currently this underutilized.

Pricing on carbon will not work unless there is viable options.

We need to stop utilities from blocking green development.

We need smarter grids.

Markets are not magic and have pros and cons.

Government was established to help balance competing interests.

Lincoln’s quote is suitable: “The sheep thanks while the wolf ….

Or as …. said “Liberty to the wolves is death to the sheep”.

Slavery took place while there was …

Timothy Schneider, History of the holocaust, Black earth

Freedom is the abscence of …

Hitler’s Nazi’s started by dismantling Citizen protections

These protections are essential to freedom.

There is more and more divesting in fossil fuels.

Guss …, … report in 197x was visionary.

We must be optimistic yet be aware the fight has really only begun.

Embedded emissions in products.

Adding Pipelines is like getting drunk again tonight and saying you will deal with your alcoholism tomorrow.

Building more pipelines is saying you want to be tied to 30, 50 or 70 years of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Ozone success story – chapter … but it was simplier.

Energy is so integrated in our economies.

A dozen or so countries are producing most of the emissions. This includes the US, China, India, Brazil, Canada, … especially when factoring in exteralized costs.

These counties must lead the way and then the technology and expertise sold or given to other countries to help them reduce emissions.

Post Paris …

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Political leaders misleading their parties and the public and they join up to do the same once in power


The CBC ran a version of the news story from The Georgia Straight about Andrew Scheer lying or misleading his party and the public but with less details. The Straight also covers some of the lies, misleading and conflicts of interest by Trudeau. It is not a fair comparison but does raise doubt about the last Conservative and Liberal leadership races.

The previous Conservative and Liberal leaders, parties and governments have had serious transparency and accountability issues as well.

What has led to so much loss of honesty and integrity in our politics and elsewhere? What can be done to restore these and a balance of supporting economic growth and sustainability for spending / taxation and the environment?

How do politicians get so comfortable with lying? One theory: practice.

By Brian Resnick@B_resnickbrian@vox.com Updated May 10, 2017, 1:51pm EDT

The following information may appear to be biased against the Conservatives but there is enough I have already posted about the current and past Liberals plus much of it covered in the media. Too often we focus on just the party in power and flip between the two after a couple of terms with another four or eight years of mostly failed or idle promises and often more harm than good having been done.

With the past Conservatives it was the Election Act violations (robo calls, misleading voters about poll locations and …), senator expense scandals, RCMP investigations and charges. In most cases MPs and Senators suspended with pay, then reinstated with full pay and pensions after paying a small fine or paying back fraudulent expenses.

They slashed budgets for conservation, research, education and public broadcasting.

When cutting back on Conservation and other important departments they boasted about reduced spending but actually were handing out generous payout packages followed by many positions being filled again within two years and often by the same individuals.

Bill C-518 was a Private Members bill introduced by an NDP MP to amend the “Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act”.
The bill passed unanimously in the Conservative majority House on Feb 4 2015 after being watered down. If passed into law by the Senate it would have required revoking the pensions of MP’s or Senators if they were convicted of certain criminal offences with two years or more sentence.

Many Conservative MP’s did not support the bill without amendments to remove the retroactive part and exclude Election Act and other Parliamentary offences.

It looks like it was done to protect Senators like Patrick Brazeau who was charged with fraud and breach of trust and later plead quilty to assault and cocaine posession to drop sexual assault charges. As well as others like MP Dean Del Mastro who was found guilty of breaking the Elections Act and several Senators that were being charged or investigated by RCMP for fraudulent expenses (Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallen) plus the Senate investigating several other current and past senators.

The bill was watered down even more and stalled in the Conservative majority Senate during 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings. It eventually died when Harper called the election. The new liberal government and MP’s including Dan Vandal and others have refused to reintroduce it.

If this is important to you learn more about this bill and others plus how your MP has voted here:


The past Conservatives not only followed the lead of previous Liberal and Conservative governments they increased the hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies to oil, gas and coal industries with little going towards environmental regulation enforcement and cleanup.

They ignored the industry led regulators allowing oil and gas corporations to defer cleanup when expanding and then sell off wells nearing end of life with hundreds of millions of dollars in cleanup liabilities. Then these sham companies allowed to file for bankruptcy, leaving the taxpayers on the hook for the cleanup. When taxpayers bleed nearly dry the cleanup gets abandon or defered even more.


Total petroleum subsidies in Canada in 2011 increased to $20.23 billion — more than 20 times the annual budget of Environment Canada.

In comparison to other countries, Canada provides more subsidies to petroleum as a proportion of government revenue than any developed nation on Earth besides the United States and Luxembourg

The natural gas industry also enjoyes $7.3 Billion per year in subsidies and Coal about $4.5 Billion.


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