How the opioid crisis was created and fueled

Sept 24 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

More and more being exposed including recent news below of pharmacists in at least Ontario committing crimes to sell to drug dealers and addicts plus elaborate steps to try and cover it up.

The destructive opioid addictions crisis was created and fueled by complacency, greed and intentional actions to encourage sales of oxycontin and other pain meds any way they could by senior execs at Purdue Pharma and other Big Pharma.

Health Canada and the FDA also ignored or worse and when Purdue finally forced to restrict access the sellers turned to fentanyl and even heroin or meth.

Even when exposed Canadian and US Justices have been biased or influenced and given leniency to Purdue and other massive multinational corporations who have made Billions at the expense and suffering of the public.

Purdue Pharma is one of the biggest among big pharma. They are in legal trouble again and for good reasons.

Opioid Epidemic – The Facts Exposed

Dispensing Harm

When pharmacists engage in criminal activities to profit off of addicts and even more crime to try and conceal it.

How a handful of pharmacists flooded Ontario’s streets with lethal fentanyl amid a national opioid crisis

Where were Police

Where was the RCMP corporate crime divisions in Provinces and local Police during all this. In at least Winnipeg RCMP CC unit said they were busy investigating allegations of corruption involving former Mayer Sam Katz, his CAO and business associate Phil Scheegl, Caspian Construction and related and needed direction to investigate other serious allegations. They also said they were short staffed and under funded. In Ottawa RCMP were busy investigating many Senators accused, investigated and charged with fraud and breach of trust with expense scandal.

Last year MB PC Justice Minister Heather Stefanson ignored requests to call for investigate into serious crimes and wrong doing in MB. She also did nothing after two years worth of RCMP investigations into Katz, Sheegl and Caspian handed over to the Crown with CBC and other media reporting that charges were pending.

In Oct 2017 MP Dan Vandal said he would raise the funding and related issues when back in Ottawa but has done nothing to date. In May 2017 Liberal Federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s staff responded for her that she nor her staff were in a position to request the RCMP to investigate any allegations of serious crimes and wrong doing in the Provinces due to the constitution giving authority to the Provinces and to contact the Provincial Ombudsman.

The WPS focused more on self serve and collect with diverting officers from other units and requests for officers to work pensionable OT on traffic “safety” duty with up to 55,000 alleged offenses being issued per year and trending up. Even peaceful protests of photo enforcement setup in signage deficient locations got response from WPS in 15 mins yet break n enters and other serious crime calls at the time took 36 hrs or more to get a response.

FIPPA requests and MB PUB reports exposed MPI also diverting Millions of dollars from overcharges to WPS, other local police and RCMP in ticket and demerit drives to “counter attempts to reduce budgets” for police instead of refunding as required by legislated monopoly.

It is long over due for proper leadership at all levels of government, police and the judiciary.

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Safest Fish to Eat and 12 worst to avoid plus sustainability

Jan 30 2017 – Concerned Global Citizen

If you are looking for the least contaminated fish, try keeping you choices with the following seafood:

Alaska plaice (Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands)
Alaskan pollock (Eastern Bering Sea)
American plaice (New England)
Arrowtooth flounder (Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands)
Atlantic pollock (Northeast Arctic/New England)
Black rockfish (US Pacific coast)
Canary rockfish (US Pacific coast)
English sole (US Pacific coast)
Flathead sole (Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands)
Ocean perch (Newfoundland)
Pacific cod (Alaska/B.C.)
Pacific Ocean Perch (Alaska/US Pacific Coast)
Red king crab (Bristol Bay)
Rock sole (Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands)
Tanner crab (US Bering Sea)
Yellowfin sole (Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands)
To reduce your exposure to contaminated fish, try to make your choices from the list above.

Make sure you SHARE this article with your friends and family. Help them to make the right choices!

For Tuna and possibly othets

Clover Leaf has one of the lowest ratings.

See the list for the better ones in this report.


Top 12 Fish to avoid:
Warning lots of ads. Need to make list and add here.

General info about sustainability for food consumption. Warning I have not checked sources of this info so do research to give appropriate weight.

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Aug 22 2018 – The Verge

Insider Trading taken to a whole new level.  Honest investors paying the price.

Archived below if needed.  See original via above URL for formatting and links to more info.

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Fatal shooting of Mark Dicesare by several WPS officers at Kapyong Barracks in Winnipeg  

An aerial photo of the scene, with markings from the IIU: Yellow represents witnessing officers, red represents officers who fired their guns, and the X is Dicesare. (IIU)
Sept 7 2018
Fatal shooting of Mark Dicesare on Nov 6 2015 by several WPS officers at Kapyong Barracks in Winnipeg
This might help explain some of the pursuit and takedown activities that day:

Don’t Believe Zane Tessler. Mark Dicesare Did Not Have to be Killed.
Justifying the killing of an innocent person is messy business.
FEB 13, 2017 – The Blackrod

Archive copy below if needed.

MB IIU Report

Some of the discussions on CBC Manitoba’s Facebook post
Here is some of the MSM coverage some of which contradicts what is in the MB IIU report and Blackrods research.
Inquest called into fatal police shooting of Mark Dicesare
24-year-old was shot by Winnipeg police following chase and standoff in November 2015
CBC News
Posted: Oct 26, 2016 9:37 AM CT | Last Updated: October 26, 2016

Investigation into Winnipeg police shooting finds that man likely wanted to die
CTV News
‘I’m going to make you do it’: Mark Dicesare’s last words before fatal police shootout
Global News
Feb 9, 2017 and Updated Feb 10, 2017 4:20 pm
By Brittany Greenslade and Tamara Forlanski Global News
No charges recommended against officers in deadly Winnipeg police shooting

Mark Dicesare, 24, died of gunshot wounds after wild chase ended in police standoff at Grant and Kenaston
CBC News

Posted: Feb 09, 2017 9:11 AM CT | Last Updated: Feb 9, 2017
No charges against WPS officers involved in Dicesare shooting death: IIU
CTV News
Feb 9, 2017 9:32AM CST
Updated Feb 9, 2017 8:28PM CST
Jon Hendricks, Reporter, @ctvjon
Depression, drugs death: Mark Dicesare’s frantic final moments
Feb 10, 2017 – Tom Brodbeck
Archive of Blackrod post

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Manitoba Hydro’s dirty power – and dark legacy

Construction of the Keeyask Generating Station project located approximately 725 km north of Winnipeg on the lower Nelson River. Manitoba Hydro / SunMedia

August 22 2018

A bit about MB Hydro’s dirty past that many do not want the public to know about. I am glad Brodbeck didn’t shy away from this like he has some other difficult issues. Why did he not look into who specifically was responsible for allowing this to be left out of the original report? We must not forget and must learn from out past no matter how terrible.


Manitoba Hydro’s dirty power – and dark legacy

A new Clean Environment Commission report released this week is another reminder that there’s nothing “clean” about the power produced by Manitoba Hydro.

The Crown corporation has neither a clean environmental record nor a clean conscience when it comes to sabotaging the lives and livelihoods of Indigenous people in the north over the past half-century.

The 86-page report is a review of a joint Manitoba Hydro/provincial government “cumulative effects assessment” launched in 2014 on the impact of Hydro developments along the Nelson, Burntwood and Churchill river systems over the past 60 years. Naturally, government and Hydro didn’t think to consult the people directly affected by the developments when gathering their evidence. That was an afterthought, a consultation process carried out subsequently by the CEC. It wasn’t until 2017 that the current provincial government amended the CEC’s terms of reference to expand that consultation process to include in-person hearings.

It was from these hearings that we learned of the alleged sexual assaults perpetrated by male workers against Indigenous women in the 1960s around the northern town of Gillam — the ones Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires referred to the RCMP Tuesday — and of the many other horror stories around how Hydro walked into northern communities and shoved Indigenous people off their land, razed their homes, bulldozed their playgrounds, segregated their kids on separate school buses and destroyed their livelihoods.

Apparently, that was business as usual in northern Manitoba when it came to building hydro dams and transmission lines and setting up work camps and temporary digs for Hydro staff and their families.

“The things that happened, that changed so fast was the people who came into the community of Gillam,” Marie Henderson, an elder from Fox Lake Cree Nation who described at a hearing in January what it was like growing up in Gillam when Hydro came to town. “I remember hearing in Cree, that means electricity. And I couldn’t really understand what was really talked about, until I started seeing people coming into the community with all of these changes happening, wrecking the town that I lived in, taking over the community, wrecking our playground, wrecking the land that we so enjoyed…”

It was a nightmare, basically. And it put an end to a life of self-sufficiency for the local Indigenous population, as the construction of dams and transmission lines turned the ecosystem on its head, resulting in massive flooding, deforestation, blocked transportation routes, contaminated water and displaced game, the CEC report found.

“They just came in and took over,” said Henderson. “We were pushed aside. As a child, not understanding what was happening, there was fear. And as I got older, there was anger, anger came into my life because I felt helpless. I felt helpless because I couldn’t do anything. We weren’t included — we weren’t included as humans in our own community. We were nothing to them. It even got to the point where they said we were squatters in our own land, because they wanted the construction to be built.”

Imagine a Crown corporation invading your community, demolishing your house, taking over your neighbourhood, sabotaging your livelihood and all the while treating you with scorn and disdain? It’s a miracle anyone could survive it at all.

“It’s different for people who live in a city because you probably don’t comprehend what it is to survive off the land, to live off the land,” said Henderson. “I mean, a lot of my people worked hard. None of them heard of welfare back then. There was no such thing as welfare, because we survived by hunting and trapping. And that’s how it was, that’s how they made money.”

Relations between Hydro and Indigenous communities have improved somewhat since then, the CEC heard. Although there is still conflict and issues of racism around existing Hydro projects, like the Keeyask Generating Station, the review found.

The worst part of all this is you get the feeling you’re only hearing a very small part of a much bigger story behind these Hydro mega-projects in the north when it comes to the paternalism, the bigotry and the assault on human dignity that appeared to be so rampant.

It’s a sad, and unfortunately enduring, Manitoba Hydro legacy.

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The Canadian tax system favors the wealthy – No shit sherlock but what is the impact

August 22 2018 – Economics

The very wealthy one percent and especially the ultra wealthy .01 percent who often say they take the most risks and create the most jobs so should be given bigger tax breaks.

The majority of economists disagree and the data if interpreted without bias proves it.
The income divide has been growing in Canada since the 60’s and the vast majority of gains going to the ultra wealthy. The graph looks like a hockey stick with ultra wealthy the shaft.
“84 per cent of respondents to the internal online survey said they believe that by better enforcing existing tax laws, the government could capture more tax revenues without raising taxes.”

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Immigration, Refugees and taking care of all Canadians

Aug 17 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier’s recent tweets have back fired and helped Liberals get major boost in donations and supporter signups. More in the Globe and Mail article below.

Is this a sign the Liberals are doing what the majority want or targeting the minority vote?

I agree that we must allow immigration to fill jobs not being filled by Canadians and do our share of helping actual refugees as long they vetted properly and we taking care of Canadians that are homeless, in poverty, mentally ill and others that are often desperately in need of assistance. If we can help them become productive citizens again they will often help others or at least prevent them being a major drain on the system.

The Liberals have kept some campaign promises at least partly like not stifling the Sciences or Conservation and others but have not kept many of their key promises that got them elected like spending on Infrastructure and specific areas that had been neglected to stimulate growth but within limits, reduce spending where not needed, improved transparency and accountability, proper consulting with aboriginal Canadians and others ignored in their past.

They are legalizing cannabis but without high enough age limit to minimize chance of harm to young developing minds and tax limits to minimize organized crime. They cop-out saying we leaving it up to Provinces. They goal is new tax revenue and votes not public safety and interest.

They kept one promise given but have mislead about their real intentions. Saying open communication with First Nations then no longer enforcing the Financial Accountability legislation for bands that limited funding if not allowing proper independent audits.

They did this to buy the Chiefs and their friends votes and then band members forced to vote the same or face harsh consequences. Canadian governments required to have these audits and so should all levels of government or anyone receiving public funds or public investments. Several bands were doing this already but many were not and taking advantage of it until the Conservatives started enforcing. Several corrupt Chiefs and bands got exposed and voted our by members.

A Carbon tax that is not required to go back to Canadians to spend in the economy and towards renewal energy projects. Most will go to general coffers and bloated bureaucracy.

It is long overdue for all Citizens to due their homework and duty and more than just at election time. Only look at the facts and not propaganda. Look for trends in behavior that are against public interest and focused on self or special interests. Contact elected and appointed officials to them then know what you expect of them. You are paying them. Many often forget this.

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