The Age of Humanity has yet to come

Aug 24 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – Global Citizen

I get what Plato was saying and think times have changed. More and more people are better educated and informed. Increasingly more are realising the power of seeking the truth and working collectively. As more realise this and that they are Global Citizens more of the fog of elitism, influence and corruption will be lifted. The light of a new age will emerge. The Age of Humanity.

It is interesting how the mind can be geared in so many different ways based on so many factors. It is partly why the human species evolved to dominate planet earth. The problem is many have lost touch of what it means to be human and to live sustainably in harmony with each other and nature so the age of humanity has yet to come.

Here is someone that agrees but has taken this optimism to a much higher level than most are ready for. It is still a interesting concept.

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ACS / ATS in Washington DC involved in more corruption – how it relates to Winnipeg and elsewhere

Photo courtesy of: Ronni Cohan – WiseUpWinnipeg
Aug 20 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg –

 Here is more details of the corruption involving ACS / ATS photo enforcement in Washington DC. More of it exposed when an African American police officer blew the whistle again.  A Judge has allowed a trial by jury to be scheduled.

Read the articles below for full details and here is a summary including how this relates to ACS / Xerox / Conduent in Winnipeg, Edmonton and elsewhere.

In 2008 a whistle blower exposed that millions of dollars collected from tickets issued by ACS after speed limits artificially lowered.  This will sound familiar to many in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and elsewhere ACS, Redflex or other photo enforcement for profit corporations setup their scams after bribing, influencing or misleading public officials.

Now it claimed up to $80,000 per year of OT paid to 213 sworn police officers in DC on photo radar duty to “help build good will”. This paid from the up to $100 Million per year in tickets issued.  This only exposed after racism with only white officers allowed to access this lottery system.

Some officers paid extra from photo radar without even working OT.

This photo radar duty is highly coveted because, “You come in, set it up, sit back and read a magazine.”

Another similarity to Winnipeg and elsewhere where they required to note each violation and always testify to this and other false or misleading statements in court as if they were following a script.

ACS setup this scamera program in DC before it was taken over by ATS from Arizona. They also setup and still run the scamera program in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. They still had some ties in Edmonton after corruption forced it to be moved in house where it still being used unfairly or unlawfully and has been expanded.
These government sanctioned scams are facing court challenges, class action or heavy resistance in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Quebec and elsewhere from WiseUpWinnipeg, Alberta Cash Cows and other public Advocacy groups. ACS also took over for Redflex in Chicago after 10 years of corruption exposed and resulted in up to 10 years prison time for City official and former Redflex CEO.  Similar scams already shutdown in BC, Ontario, Georgia, Ohio, California and elsewhere with several convictions or disgraced politicians.

ACS was acquired by Lockheed Martin, then Xerox and now spun off into Conduent. This likely to avoid the fallout from more bribery and related corruption investigations and prosecutions by the US and State Justice Departments.

In related news the former founder of ACS and large investor in Xerox is now suing them after the spin off.  He is upset that the spin off has resulted in him losing his share of the gravy.

Watch “ACS / Xerox Photo Enforcement leaves after protest by WiseUpWinnipeg” on YouTube

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Serious crime is on the rise in Winnipeg yet decling nearly everywhere else in Canada – A close look at why

​Aug 18 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Serious crime (violent and property) has been declining across Canada for many years but has stayed high in Winnipeg and increased this past year.

The Winnipeg Police Association and WPS are saying it is a result if the large increase in calls but FIPPA requests, MB Ombudsman complaints, Court transcripts and other public docs and much more prove this is false and misleading which is a repeating pattern from WPA, WPS and those enabling them for personal or special interest gain.

Some are asking are there more and smarter criminals or is their not enough focus on serious crime.  It is not from lack of resources or money as WPS and officers have continually been staffed, compensated and funded much higher than the Canadian average for Police.

Here is some facts and related info that paint a pretty clear picture of what some of the issues are and what needs to be done.

The large poll covered by Global in link below and related story from McLeans in 2016 ranked Winnipeg as Canada’s most unsafe city.  This is old news but past WPS annual reportsconfitm this and the latest one shows it has actually gotten worse.  WPS was the most overstaffed and inefficient service in Canada as per detailed 64 page report in 2014 and they only cut cadets and body cam programs plus were added officer till this year.

Their latest answer to the serious Crime rate was to continue monitor but not change anything.  Their answer to the Province forcing the City and indirectly WPS to deal with out of control spending on much higher than Canadian average wages, benefits and pensionable OT (much of which on traffic duty and in court defending unfair or unlawful tickets) was cut officers that were part of two serious crime unit partnerships with RCMP that gave them access to more info and resources in this important fight.

Plus WPS has been getting funds diverted from MPIC that should be refunded to vehicle owners from overcharges as per legislated monopoly.

Yet OUR Mayor Bowman and majority of our City Council agreed that they and WPS get another decent raise even after many past increases well above inflation and out of control spending.  Mean while most other public servants got pay freezes for two years and lower than projected inflation for two more.

The freezes should affect all elected and appointed officials, justices and all public sector to compensate if they have been getting paid higher than most equivalent positions in Canada which is many of them.

This required after OUR past and present City Councils ran up $1 Billion net debt and reoccuring deficits plus NDP with PC opposition ran up MB Gov net debt to $23 Billion and adding up to $1 Billion per year. This has caused repeated credit downgrades and increase in already unaffordable interest payments.

OUR PC Majority Government is trying but not hard enough.  They amended balanced budget legislation to only require reduce deficit by $100 million per year to avoid loosing large annual pay rise.  The City has done even less.

New poll ranks Winnipeg as the most unsafe city in the country

Published Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here are the links to the facts verified by court trancripts, fippa requests, ombudaman complaints, other public docs plus media coverage and much.

Learn how you can be part of the solutions rather than ignore and hope it gets better which is only allowing it to continue and in many cases get worse.

Within these posts or pages you will find links to Learn how you can contest unfair or unlawful alleged simple traffic, parking or bylaw matters and much more.

WPS budget needs to be reined in and a detailed analysis of Fraser Institute study “Police and Crime Rates in Canada” and related facts –

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk –

Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC with the blessing of Senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba –

Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned. –

Compilation of important Interviews and Videos from WiseUpWinnipeg

Why is our City and Province addicted to unlawful taxation as fines?  Wasteful spending, influence from 3rd party for profit partners and other special interests plus corruption are big parts of the problem.

The worst places to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)

Unjust Enrichment and Unlawful Taxation as Fines

Manitobans need to demand they get more in return for some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines in Canada

​Private Public Partnerships (P3) perusal is NOT good government policy based on a track record of influence and corruption in Winnipeg, Manitoba and elsewhere.​private-public-partnerships-p3-perusal-is-not-good-government-policy-based-on-a-track-record-of-influence-and-corruption-in-winnipeg-manitoba-and-elsewhere/

Pallister and the PC Government throws farmers and WiseUpWinnipeg (Public Advocates) under bus.

Court actions to end this unlawful taxation as fines and related abuse of the public and public funds.  Be part of the solution not the problem.

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US confederate symbols and statues do not represent the values of the vast majority but do we risk erasing history with their removal?

Aug 17 2017 8:05 am – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen

Last updated Aug 18 2017 8:55 AM

This is a important question especially these days in the US and elsewhere in the wake of violence in Charlottesville so I feel it warrants a detailed post.

Some have posted that it is unlawful to destroy confederate soildier statues as they are recognised veterans.


I agree with supporting veterans who served their countries to defend freedom and democracy and protect those that can’t defend themselves. I also agree in enforcing Just laws when it is reasonable to do so and resisting, amending or abolishing when they are Unjust.

To put this into context here is what I believe are facts but see the references in the links to decide:

“The US Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865. The result of a long-standing controversy over slavery and states’ rights, war broke out in April 1861, when Confederates attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, shortly after Abraham Lincoln was elected. The nationalists of the Union proclaimed loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. They faced secessionists of the Confederate States of America advocating states’ rights to perpetual slavery and its expansion in the America.” “– although Lincoln received less than forty percent of the popular vote in the 1860 US election, he received absolute majorities in states that combined for a majority of the electoral votes.

This election marked the end of the South’s political dominance over the nation. Between 1789 and 1860, Southerners had been President for two-thirds during the era, …”

Many support the values of Lincoln in this regard as they have posted some of his related quotes. I agree some US confederacy soldiers were being forced to fight a cause they didn’t believe in but many fled and supported the nationalists. Some had family to support and could not do this so were forced to fight. I assume the above US Senate passed laws from 1929 and 58 were to recognise these veterans.

The issue with the US confederate symbols and statues is they represent to many (including more than just the far left) slavery and loss of civil, political and human rights.

Slavery was lawful in the USA until the end of their civil war in 1865 when it was abolished by their Senate. What is important to ask is does the symbol represent slavery and the States rights to expand it or did the person in the statue see slavery as a Just law before it was abolished and if they fought to uphold it during the civil war. From what I have read many did and this was not the values of the majority after the Civil war or now.

I think the history of these symbols including photos of these statues belong in museums and they should not be out in regular public view in public spaces. It appears I am maybe with the majority based of information here:

U.S. cities step up removal of Confederate statues despite Charlottesville violence

Since posting links to this post on Facebook and getting comments from my friends it shows I am biased and should really refrase the post as many are concerned removing these statues may lead to erasing history and generations not learning from it.

There is also a letter to the editor in the article linked below about this risk that is very convincing. From the other letters about this it appears there is plenty on both sides including a good point that Germany doesn’t have any statues of Adolf Hitler yet he is still well known there. Many may say this not a fair comparison but try telling that to the many whoes relatives or ancestors were killed or abused during the slave trade, fighting for equal rights or related apartheid.
Some of the letters about other topics interesting.

In response to comment “But they still educate people about Hitler”. Yes they do and I assume the liberal dominated higher education institutions in the US will not stop teaching about the confederates and the resulting civil war. I would hope it being taught in the public schools but it wouldn’t surprise me if in at least some parts of the south and elsewhere it not or it one sided.

Thanks to my friends for helping me see I have also been biased even in the title of my blog post. I have added this other side of the story to it, this addition link plus renamed it from:

Do US confederate symbols and statues represent modern values?

Reinforcement of the keep but add context camp:

Letter to Winnipeg Sun – Sept 5 2017

It’s true Canada had some flawed nation builders and it’s something that shouldn’t be denied.

Foolish pursuit

If Sir John A. doesn’t get a passing grade where does this stop? All politicians, before women got the right to vote, were sexist. All politicians, before first nations got the right to vote, were racist. All politicians, before homosexuals got equal rights, were homophobic.

That doesn’t leave very many public figures left to celebrate. Expecting historical figures to meet modern standards is unrealistic and foolish

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Coding for kids: another silly fad 

​Aug 15 2017 

Archive if needed

Coding for kids: another silly fad

Nothing is cuter than pictures of kids sitting at their computers, mastering skills their parents never dreamed of. And nothing is more popular than the current idea that all our children should learn to code.

“Most jobs in the future will most likely have some sort of connection to coding,” Navdeep Bains, the federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, told a room full of children assembled for a recent photo op. He was there to announce a $50-million initiative to teach coding to young people. “Some of you may develop incredible apps,” he beamed.

Next to babies, politicians love innovation more than anything. Innovation invariably means high tech and computers. And the hottest innovation in education these days is teaching kids to code. Coding skills, we’re told, are a fundamental building block of 21st-century literacy – right up there with reading, writing and arithmetic. Coding skills will make people more employable and the nation more competitive.

Opinion: Coding is the new cursive writing – and we have to embrace it

In Britain, coding classes are now compulsory for every student from age 5 to 14. British Columbia plans to offer coding to any student who wants it, from kindergarten on up. Nova Scotia has jumped on the bandwagon. Ontario is spending$150-million over three years to boost computer education. Meanwhile, coding camps are booming as anxious middle-class parents ensure no child of theirs is left behind. Melissa Sariffodeen, co-founder of an outfit called Ladies Learning Code, says we will need to teach 10 million Canadians to code by 2027. “Canada’s ability to retain its position as a significant contributor to the global economy is contingent on our collective willingness to invest in improving digital literacy,” she warns.

Coding for kids is wildly popular with educators, politicians, parents, the tech industry, and people who run coding camps. But not everyone is sold. “Coding is a valuable skill – for maybe 2 per cent of the labour force,” writes Alex Usher, who runs Higher Education Strategy Associates, a consulting firm. “What the rest of us need is digital literacy and proficiency. Being able to write software is not the issue: Rather, it is the ability to apply and use software productively that is the issue.”

Computer code is basically a series of instructions that tell a computer to do something. It’s irrelevant for most of us. There are a million apps for that. You don’t have to understand code to understand computers, any more than you have to understand an engine system to drive a car, or indoor plumbing to use a toilet.

Paul Bennett is no fan either. He’s an educational consultant in Nova Scotia. He suspects that coding is just another in a long line of education fads that come and go with depressing regularity. “Most regular math teachers fear that coding will further erode classroom time for math and do little or nothing to prepare students for true computer programming, AP-level computer science, or a STEM career, ” he writes.

As Mr. Bennett points out on his website, computer and tech experts are also skeptical. “When the telegraph was invented, there was a push to teach everyone Morse code,” said former tech executive Donald Clark. “This turned out to be a huge waste of time, as the vast majority of people simply needed to write English that was transcribed by a relatively few number of telegraph operators.”

Another problem: Progress. The computer industry is always striving for simpler ways to deliver complex technologies. “Coding is going to disappear,” computer entrepreneur Emmanuel Straschnov told IBTimes UK. “The vision is that people shouldn’t even have to know what a server is. The vision is that people should only know: I want my app to do this, this and that, and then you build it.”

There’s also the practical matter of finding enough teachers who can teach this stuff. Currently, they don’t exist. It’s hard enough to find good math teachers. And it’s safe to say that delivering on all these lofty intentions through the public-school bureaucracy will be a challenge. The real goal – far more important – should be to teach kids enough math and science to understand the world in which they operate.

So if you want to teach your kid to code, go for it. Coding can be a lot of fun. But does the future of our children and our nation depend on it? Give me a break


Coding is the new cursive writing – and we have to embrace it


Tread the third path to innovation


For Canada’s tech to thrive, startups must grow up

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Compilation of important Interviews and Videos from WiseUpWinnipeg

​Aug 6 2017 – WiseUpWinnipeg

Shadow Davis Show – CJOB Interview in recent series with Todd Dube of WiseUpWinnipeg.  Does not require Facebook account to view.

Class Action involving over $50 Million in Photo Radar Tickets – CJOB interview with Todd Dube

Short Amber times – Mackling and Megarry interview Brian Barkley and Todd Dube on CJOB

Speed or Greed: Does Automated Traffic Enforcement Improve Safety or Generate Revenue

Detailed study initally covered by Geoff Currier CJOB exposes the truth.

If you do not use Facebook consider creating an account to access WiseUpWinnipeg Facebook Group where you will find and a huge archive of other important posts and discussions from over a decade of unfair and unlawful behavior by OUR City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, WPS, WPA and their for profit partners ACS / Xerox and G4S Tech along with related abuse by MPIC with legislated monopoly. You can ask relavent questions and read responses from other questions.  You can set additional privacy settings on your account if you require.

All this being allowed by OUR PC Majority Provincial Government despite failure to City to meet requirements of Conditions of Authority.  The Province, City and WPS or WPA are ignoring in return for 50%, 25% and 25%  of the apparent traffic $afety or parking revenue.  This is very short sited when they stop ignoring the big picture with huge social and economic impacts.

All this resulting in undue pressure on OUR Police Officers with quotas as well as OUR Courts, Clerks, Crown, JJPs, Justices due to 300k alleged traffic and parking offenses being issued per year in Winnipeg.  With record high rate of contesting charter rights and more.

Also visit where new content, petitions and more from our archives being posted.  Please consider donating to important WUW Court Actions that have started and are planned against the City and Province using tle link above.

Othe videos

– Make Driving in Winnipeg Safer

– The International “Safety Scamera” Industry – Todd Dube of WiseUpWinnipeg Breaks it Down! on YouTube –

– Watch “What Mainstream Media Won’t Let WiseUpWinnipeg Say – Todd Dube Tells All!” on YouTube –

– To Serve and Collect – W5

Are police handing out traffic tickets to meet quotas

  part1 –

  part2 –

– Speed Kills Your PocketBook

This video went viral and was the main driving force behind safe and proper speed limits being restored in BC.  This ended the speeding violations epidemic that was occurring due to artificially lowered speed limits.  These issues still occurring in Winnipeg.

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Canadian soldier who died by suicide after serving in Afghanistan to be honoured with memorial cross

I believe this is at least the second reversed decision by VAC regarding PTSD. There is many more that should be honored properly and it was a promise by the Liberals.

Canada is an internationally respected nation for the most part and one of the main reasons is due to the average behavior of our military and soildiers in peace keeping or combat past and present.

Here is a comment from the original post that I agree nearly 100%. My edits in ().

“Balance is required. When we train our soldiers to be state mandated killers (protectors of freedom) we need also to train them how to live past the events of horror. I know that this “sounds” like a horrible thing but war is a horrible thing and leaders a followers need to acknowledge and deal with the events as they happen. This policy would go a long way to save soldiers lives and save grief and loss with families. The VAC would be less burdened with the psychological fallout and be better prepared for the mental casualties of conflict. Miigwech”

Facebook post with comments:

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