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Alberta and Canada ignores the ticking time-bomb of orphaned oil and gas wells at its own peril

Eamon Mac Mahon, ASSOCIATED PRESS Syncrude upgrader facilities on the Athabasca river near Fort McMurray Alberta Dec 9 2019 – Globe and Mail, The Narwhal and Concerned Citizen — These are some of the major issues that make it hard … Continue reading

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William Happer Scientist – anti climate change views shared on socialmisledia

This man is a retired professor of atomic physics. Does this make him a scientist we should listen to in regards to rapid climate changes? He was bribed by secret activists to write fake report about CO2 emmissions but … Continue reading

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Manitoba students last in Canada in science and math, second last in reading | CBC News

Results show Manitoba doing worse in all three categories than in previous years Kristin Annable · CBC News · Posted: Dec 03, 2019 The PISA 2018 assessment tests the capabilities of 15-year-olds in reading, math and science literacy through a … Continue reading

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Venice Has Its Worst Flood in 53 Years – Scientific American Blog Network

The storm surge, recent rain and high tide all combined to make the flooding more severe but the trend of flooding has increased in frequency and severity. Half of this caused by sea level rise which has been accelerated by … Continue reading

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Tarsands reclamation

Post on social misledia “If you don’t like reading articles, read this short clip and just look at the 20+ pictures of reclaimed oil-sands land. “Oil sands development is subject to some of the strictest environmental regulatory standards in the … Continue reading

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Leave the leaves on the ground: Nature Conservancy says to stop raking all of your lawn |

Mark Cullen carrying out fall maintenance on his lawn. |

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Have the Canadian Federal emmissions reduction plans started working?

Oct 8 2019 – Concerned Citizen Social misleadia post or rant? “Canada had a 0.6% rate of reduction in emissions per year under the Liberals the UN has reported well under the 3.5% promised. The US delivered 1.5% reduction while … Continue reading

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