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Your Brain is a Super Computer and your self talk is it’s programming

This is great advice for teens and older. Other than being critical, which is not a negative trait when used to look at how we can do things better. How one behaves when listening and speaking to others is equally … Continue reading

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Detroit Hospital performs double-lung transplant on vape-injured teen | National Post

One of the patient’s vape-damaged lungs. Courtesy Henry Ford Hospital – Courtesy Henry Ford Hospital Nov 12 2019 … Similar info from CDC in the past other than they named the illness and this apparently the first lung transplant … Continue reading

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Now here’s a man who understands women …

I agree 100%. Similar can be said about the many things a man can do with the things given to him by a women to make them better or that couples give to each other. It is a team effort. … Continue reading

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When You Judge a Child Using an iPad

Photo: Genevieve Georget I was at a wedding a little while ago, sitting next to a grandmother of three young children. “Honestly,” she said “kids these days have no idea what real values are and they’re certainly not going to … Continue reading

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