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Have the Canadian Federal emmissions reduction plans started working?

Oct 8 2019 – Concerned Citizen Social misleadia post or rant? “Canada had a 0.6% rate of reduction in emissions per year under the Liberals the UN has reported well under the 3.5% promised. The US delivered 1.5% reduction while … Continue reading

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Now here’s a man who understands women …

I agree 100%. Similar can be said about the many things a man can do with the things given to him by a women to make them better or that couples give to each other. It is a team effort. … Continue reading

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Is humanity heading towards mass afflictions of Hikikomori

Google – Businesss insider Comment on social media about children as young as five being asked to choose gender fir bathroom use etc… If I were to write a fiction novel, I would predict future generations will be genderless, extremely … Continue reading

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When You Judge a Child Using an iPad

Photo: Genevieve Georget I was at a wedding a little while ago, sitting next to a grandmother of three young children. “Honestly,” she said “kids these days have no idea what real values are and they’re certainly not going to … Continue reading

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Indigenous Protestors Delaying Traffic at Border Crossings

Highway Blockade Update By Pino Demasi On August 9, 2019 at 7:53 am The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay (MANITOBA – ONTARIO BORDER) –Below is an update via media release from Treaty 1 regarding the round dance expected to … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be working class in Canada? –

Socio-economic lines are often erased or ignored in Canada. Here’s how I came to see my working class roots clearly. by Shannon Proudfoot Jul 16, 2019 Shannon Proudfoot with her parents, Mike Proudfoot and Molly Mislan, at her 2003 graduation … Continue reading

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The life-changing magic of making do – The Globe and Mail


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