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Police advise to not chase property thiefs plus info about stand your ground and self defense laws

Manitoba Headingley RCMP urging victims of theft not to pursue suspects Warning comes after string of chases, including one that ended in crash: Headingley RCMP CBC News · Posted: Sep 16, 2019 4:33 PM CT | Last Updated: September 16 … Continue reading

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The Sackler family own the embroiled Pardue Pharma who wants to cut a deal to avoid criminal prosecution

Reuters The Sackler’s worth an estimated $13 Billion or more if including the billions they accused of hiding offshore. Purdue is accused of fuelling the US opioid crisis through nefarious means of promoting and selling drugs like OxyContin. “Purdue is … Continue reading

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Some of what they know and don’t know vaping illness without all the hysteria

Facts About The Mysterious Vaping Illness What to know about this serious, vape-associated lung problem striking healthy young people. BY MARTY MUNSON SEP 11, 2019 JAKE KOZAK / EYEEMGETTY IMAGES — In some cases the illness and hospilizations appear … Continue reading

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Corporate political donations via third parties influencing elections

Why do so many in the public focus on corruption or accused corruption of those in power but ignore it from those that seek to replace them or the ones who influence whoever will do their bidding at the time. … Continue reading

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Political distrust and loss of confidence

Record low turn out in the Manitoba Election Sept 2019 plus near record number of declined or spoiled ballots and both trending in the wrong direction. This demonstrates that almost 50% think it a waste of time, their representative is … Continue reading

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How algorithms create a ‘digital underclass’ and reliance on technology over human imagination

Princeton sociologist Ruha Benjamin argues bias is encoded in new tech Posted: September 04, 2019 Last Updated: September 04, 2019 Sociologist Ruha Benjamin argues in her book, Race After Technology, that the use of technology has the capability to enforce … Continue reading

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University is not a harder version of high school (and more first-timer advice) – The Globe and Mail


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