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Conversation with Government about taxes

Meme from Twitter April 17 2019 – Kevin Yaworski Sadly this mostly true. Does Canada or the US imprison you for owing taxes? Not sure about the US but in Canada not normally. CRA can be very aggressive and even … Continue reading

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Would you line up at the pump to save the cost of a coffee?

March 31 2019 Lineups at the pump so bad cars blocking exit when it going up 4.4c /l tomorrow in Manitoba and other provinces without their own carbon tax or trading system in place. For a fill on the average … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Crusher being investigated how she got her son into Star Fleet Academy

TheOnlyFloridaMan Dr Bevererly Crusher. Currently on administrative leave pending investigation.

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Damn, It Looks Like Part of That Glitter Bomb Video Was Fake – VICE

But don’t blame the guy who made it. By River Donaghey|Dec 21 2018, 6:09pm Great idea and video exposing and pranking door step package thieves. Nice to see he discovered and removed the fake videos from original video. Archive … Continue reading

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Hows Russian soldiers deal with militants when out of ammo – 🤣 Video

I have been told I am too serious, my uncovering of wrong doing with public advocacy is making me too negative so I am adding more humor to my blog 🙂

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Newton’s Third Law of Child Rearing

For every parental lunacy there is an equal and opposite child lunacy.

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