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Manitoba students last in Canada in science and math, second last in reading | CBC News

Results show Manitoba doing worse in all three categories than in previous years Kristin Annable · CBC News · Posted: Dec 03, 2019 The PISA 2018 assessment tests the capabilities of 15-year-olds in reading, math and science literacy through a … Continue reading

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University is not a harder version of high school (and more first-timer advice) – The Globe and Mail


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Policies restricting drug use are fueling the drug crisis, says Dr. Carl Hart – CBC Ideas

Neuropsychopharmacologist Carl Hart believes attitudes and laws around drug use need to change, particularly in his own country, the United States. (Harper Collins) Hart argues risks associated with drug use have been overstated for healthy adults June 6 2019 – … Continue reading

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BRODBECK: Trustees’ anti-amalgamation petition is wrong | Winnipeg Sun

Comments With the efforts by the current Manitoba government to reign in wasteful and unsustainable spending plus improve poor performance in Education these high paid trustees and superintendents are getting desperate. They have been called trough feeders that do more … Continue reading

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Why are many liberal leaders being called socialists or communists and Conservative leaders fascists or authoritarians?

A two dimensional view of the political spectrum. April 19 2019 – Kevin Yaworski – Concerned Citizen Many political right and left wing supporters resorting to extreme views and opinions to try and make their points. Less and less importance … Continue reading

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High number of foreign students in Canada and some other western countries

Student numbers from Statistics Canada and some other western countries April 17 2019 – Concerned Citizens Several posts on social misleadia are saying “In Canada, even high school officials boast about bringing in foreign students for high schools. There is … Continue reading

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Many Canadian and U.S. schools are waking up to the China threat

April 7 2019

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