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Machines that can think: real benefits, the Apocalypse, or ‘dog-spaghetti’? | CBC Radio

Deep dreaming or deep machine learning, neuro networks that act similar to those in the human brain and more about this rapidly progressing field.

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Venezuela economic failure and fake or misleading news

Social misleadia, Trump and many of his supporters and others from the far right have been sharing fake or misleading news about Venezuela’s economic failure. Venezuela’s economic crisis is an example of failed leadership, corruption and other issues. It has … Continue reading

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Facebook considers changes to its political ad policy — Quartz

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Chinese Telecom giant Huawei – A dragon in sheep’s clothing?

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters Mark Towhey / Winnipeg SUN Opinion Columnist Published: December 9, 2019 Towhey: Huawei – A dragon in sheep’s clothing? — I didn’t know Cisco and Nortel were aggressively targeted back then but does not surprise me. … Continue reading

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William Happer Scientist – anti climate change views shared on socialmisledia

This man is a retired professor of atomic physics. Does this make him a scientist we should listen to in regards to rapid climate changes? He was bribed by secret activists to write fake report about CO2 emmissions but … Continue reading

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Think twice about posting once — breaking the fake news cycle | CBC Radio

People share fake news less when they’re prompted to think about its accuracy CBC Radio · Posted: Nov 29, 2019 4:22 PM ET | Last Updated: November 29 A man dressed as “Fake News Media” participates in the annual Village … Continue reading

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‘Fast and Furious’ and previous flawed gun tracking / walking programs have cost the lives of innocent people

Nov 7 2019 – Concerned Citizens This is news from 2016 but is still being recirculate in a misleading way by right or left biased news sources or on social misleadia. It is more than sad that lives are lost … Continue reading

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