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A source of news and information that strives to be trusted and balanced in a modern world filled with false and misleading news and information. To help make informed decisions in politics, advocacy, activism, education and other areas of life. Ad free except some content linked to. Weo not accept donations for this blog.

We support unbiased or least biased sources of information including Citizen Journalism and Alternative Media as the much of the mainstream media has demonstrated a trend in being biased, influenced or not full supporting public interests.

There is some exceptions but regardless of the news or research etc … always check into the author, organization and look for sources or references when deciding what to believe and deciding what weight to give information.

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My name is Kevin Yaworski and I am the creator and primary content contributor for the What’s Up blog and Facebook Page. I try to only share content from trusted sources. I will link to or refer to less trusted content to highlight false or misleading information in the process of correction or providing balanced commentary or sources.

About me

I am a concerned Canadian, UK Citizen and Human being.

Many years back I started peeking down some rabbit holes …

… now I ask questions and take meaningful actions to help inform those who are being mislead and impacted but often not aware.

I support independent journalism, pursued without fear or favor.

I value an inclusive culture, committed to the public good. A core part of my beliefs is to confront misinformation, propaganda, self serving and hypocrisy I believe that skepticism is a virtue and cynicism is a vice. Above all, my goal is to tell the truth.

To that end, journalists whether paid or not must strive to hold themselves to high ethical standards: aiming for honesty, fairness and accuracy while avoiding conflicts of interest.

Honesty, integrity, family, friends, being present in the moment, working hard and leading by example are some of things most important to me.

I also use this blog to write about things I find interesting and that I think the public should know about. I also use it to write down some of these while they are just thoughts and fresh in my mind. Please excuse some of the formatting, grammar or spelling mistakes as I am sometimes writing on my phone and touch screen plus auto correct is not the greatest invention in the world. I try and cleanup and proof read when I have time but with a busy life with family, work, volunteering, friends, sports, hobbies and at least one property to help maintain this is not always easy to do.

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I have a wonderful wife and three amazing children, two siblings and two step siblings.

A bit of trivia about me that I put together for a contest at work to help employees get to know each other better and then added more to it.

My mother is one of fifteen so I have lots of cousins, aunts and uncles all over Canada and the US. I have a bit of nomad in my genes or a permanent case of the travel bug.

Information from my great grandmother’s family members still alive at the time on my mother’s side said she was rescued as a baby from the “Trail of Tears” by traveling Roma and grew up with their family near La Broquerie MB.

I am Métis and have at least 6 Métis scripts in my known ancestry from my mother’s side). I have a genealogy going back to at least the 1500’s with recent ancestors in France, England and North America. I was born Kevin Pitt and my name was changed to Kevin Pitt Yaworski when I was about 5, a couple years after my mother re-married. The Pitt is silent but I have considered changing it to carry on my birth name and simplify some issues when travelling but am undecided.

I grewup with my mother and stepfather plus regular visits and support from my father. I am grateful to all of them and other family and friends who helped me on my journey . My two younger kids have both surnames but silent except both required now on some government issued documents for them. They do not want to change to just Pitt as it is not how they are known by most.

I was fortunate to have three parents involved in my life as some have less or none. I have learnt a great deal from them plus some of my uncles, aunts and other important people in my life.

I try to learn something from everyone I meet. As a teenager and young adult I didn’t really appreciate what these important people had done for me but learned to appreciate this more as I got older. By about thirty this really started to sink in as the roles changed, I became a parent and my parents became more dependent on me.

I feel I was fortunate to grow up in rural Manitoba on a small farm with about five acres and a large garden for growing our own food. Our neighbors down the road on each side were my relatives and one had dairy cows. We contributed to raising a cow some years and splitting it and with other family. We had pigs and chickens every year and butchered the chickens ourselves. We always had a German Shepard, cut wood to heat our home with a stove connected to baseboard heaters and optional electric heat. We moved to the City before I started grade nine and our parents wanted us to be closer to University if we choose when we finished high school.

I took all the sciences in high school including advanced physics and chemistry classes in grade 12. I attended one year of Engineering at University of Manitoba with the help of a small scholarship or bursary from McDonalds (my first real job) and from the Manitoba Metis Federation. Most of the first few months of Engineering was review due to the advanced classes in high school so I started working part time. I got accepted to Carleton University for Aerospace Engineering but got caught up with work and living on my own and quit the U of M without even writing my exams. I try not to regret this now because when I did want to go back they said F no paper is the worst thing you can have on your record. The path I choose still worked out very well.

I kept working in a warehouse with my Uncles company driving a forklift and unloading box cars and later for Transx (Viacom) but got laid off when they lost a big contact. I went on EI and got training in Data Entry. It was interesting to learn DB…, Lotus 123 and WordPerfect for DOS but I couldn’t stand the monotony so quit after about two days on a placement job. I started looking for something more interesting and enjoyable. I ended up getting a job at Future Shop with training in Calgary. I did well there selling computers and some other electronics for a couple of years before getting into Information Technology (mainly desktops and then client server) and latter starting my own business. I have been in IT ever since and my skills, experience and hard working attitude has allowed me to easily find work in Canada, Australia and the UK. I have considered changing careers again a few times for the challenge and apparently to help stave of Alzheimer.

I was fortunate to have parents and step parents that liked to travel and spent many summers or holidays camping on road trips in Canada or the US and some trips to Mexico. I continued this as an adult and later with my own family.

I have lived in 1 town, 5 Cities, on a large island and 2 continents. I have visited at least 16 Countries, 9 Provinces, 18 states, and more cities and towns than I can remember.

  • Near Richer MB, Winnipeg, Calgary, London UK, Brisbane & Sydney Australia
  • At least MB, SK, AB, BC, ON, QC, NB, NS and PEI
  • At least: MA, NY, NJ, FL, CA, TX, CO, OR, WA, ND, SD, MI, IO, MO, WY, VT, WI, HA
  • At least US, Mexico, UK (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland), Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein

My step fathers immediate family was large and they immigrated from Poland shortly after WWII. He was one of the the two family members that were born in Canada and his mother died shortly after she gave birth to him. I assume they were displaced during the war and forced to move around. They came to Canada or the US on one of the many ships arriving at the time. Many immigrants didn’t survive the journey or suffered permanent injury. Their name got changed from Jaworski by immigration officials as they didn’t speak much or any English. My step father did a family tree and learnt that his family that remained were scattered around Poland and elsewhere in Europe. His family settled near Fisher Branch in Manitoba and the family farm is still operated by his nephew.

Sir William Pitt was a past prime minister in England and maybe a distant relative on my father’s side. We saw a statue of him in Edinburgh Scotland when we were there. Apparently he did lots of good but unfortunately the term “Day Light Robbery” was coined sometime after his father introduced a window tax in at least England, Wales & Scotland and many bricked or boarded their windows up in protest or couldn’t afford to pay.

To learn about more of my journey including some advice, some of the choices I have made, about falling in love and my bucket list you can read Forks in the road – some pages from my journal

A bit more about my journey

Moved to Calgary Alberta

Around June 17, 1995 after my Uncle Brian helped me get a job at SMED International through the owner Mogans. I lived with them till renting a house with friends.
Was very grateful to be able to live with family (Brian and Colleen, Sean and Ashley) for several months in Bears Paw and then Varsity till I rented a house with Chris and my friend Dan in Kensington. I can’t thank all these family and friends enough for the positive impact they have had on my life and all the great times back then and since.

Moved to Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

with good friends Aaron and Charlene.

Talked about going on a working holiday in OZ while having a beer with Aaron at the Lucky Duck and once Charlene came up from bingo and was in, it was a done deal. About a month later we were off on a open ended around the world flight with British Airways and Air NZ to Brisbane with stops in Tahiti and Cook Islands plus other stops at the end of our working holiday in Australia. We got an apartment which I think was on Pearson Street.

Very funny story about Aaron and I both getting interviews for desktop support jobs at Brisbane City Council (BCC). I think they were back to back. During my interview I said I was roommates with Aaron and his girlfriend not realizing that the meaning of roommates is more literal outside North America. We only found out after we both hired and working there for awhile that they thought we were gay or bisexual and had quite the relationship going on. Not sure if that helped us get hired or not 🙂 While there some of the places we visited were Glass house mountains, Noosa, the flora, fona & reptile park founded by Mr Erwin,Surfers Paradise, camped over Xmas on Stradbrook Island and more. Met Scott McGrath, Geraldine and may other good friends while in Brisbane.

On the road again

Moved to Sydney, NSW, Australia in March 1998 with friends Aaron, Charlene and later joined by Scott.

It was hard for Aaron, Charlene and I to say good bye to the many good friends we had made in Brisbane and at the Brisbane City Council but we were on a journey to see some of the world. We left in a rent a wreck that we found out was full of ants by the time we got to Byron Bay. We arrived at night in the days before GPS and went over what we thought was the Sydney Harbor Bridge, then found the real one only to be forced into a tunnel but managed to make it over on the 3rd try.

At this point we were all road weary and while struggling to find a motel during the Gay Mardi Gras we nearly had a big row. Luckily we found an affordable apartment in Rose Bay the next day or so which I am pretty sure was on Old South Head Road. We all found work pretty quickly and I found several great cycle routes to work including through Centennial Park.

We left our mark on the town at least at Jackson’s on George as members of their 101 Beer Drinkers Club with the help of our great friend Scott who moved down with us later for some adventure. I am very grateful for the company of my friends and for many good times.

I had a great time traveling back to Brisbane for work and spent a lot of time with Geraldine, and catching up with Scott and other friends. Also traveled for work to Melbourne and Geraldine met me there for the weekend. We traveled again soon after to NZ with Aaron and Charlene and spit up to spent time visiting Geraldine’s family and friends before meeting up again to go to Fiji. Then I went back to Canada to try and see my son Nicholas. Geraldine went back to Brisbane to finish her contract and Aaron and Charlene went back to Sydney to finish there working holiday in Australia.

Moved to London, United Kingdom

I moved there for the adventure with Geraldine, Aaron and Scott and made some great friends including Daryl, Sarah, Wendy, Greg, the Eddie and Edwina, Justin and many more. Got to meet some of Geraldine’s wonderful family including her Grandmother, Grandfather, aunts and uncles and cousins including Jackie and others. Saw tonnes of places and things all over the UK and Europe plus a trip to Cyprus during our free time and especially summer holidays. Life changing to say the least. Glad the kids were able to experience it when we moved back there with them in 2002 for more adventure.
To fill some of the gaps:

Got Married in Auckland NZ

Oct 1999

Moved back to Winnipeg

Nov 1999

To settle down and have kids

Moved back to London

Nov 2002

This time near West Hampstead and Golders Green

After having our two kids we wanted to finish traveling around Europe on our free time and visit family. We made many more good friends.

Moved back to Winnipeg

Aug 2007

To try settling down again, so far still here, in same house. We survived a major reno while living in our house, then installing a pool and phase one of builting a large deck around the pool.

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