Following the money behind two apparent shill candidates in US elections

Following the money behind two apparent shill candidates in state Senate races

Glenna Milberg, Reporter -Nov 23, 2020


A dark money mystery in Florida centers on the campaign of a spoiler candidate who appeared to help a Republican win by 32 votes

By Scott Glover, Curt Devine, Drew Griffin and Scott Bronstein, CNN
Updated 9:27 PM EST, Mon November 23, 2020

Canada has also had election fraud and fake campaigns used to help unlawfulluly win party leadership races and elections.

Elections fraud undermining democracy

Audio recording surfaced in which Alberta United Conservative Party (UCP) insiders appeared to discuss Mr. Callaway running a “kamikaze” campaign in which he would attack rival candidate Brian Jean so Mr. Jason Kenney would not have to and then drop out and endorse Mr. Kenny.

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