United States Postal Service crisis and its affect on the 2020 US Elections

“Between a pandemic that sidelined a chunk of its workforce and a Trump-appointed postmaster general whose changes hampered its ability to deliver the mail, the United States Postal Service has had a rocky year, all the way through Election Day 2020. …”

Why did the USPS crisis and the changes that reduced mail processing capacity not getting more attention from media during the election ballot counting period when there was many delays in tallying mail in voting results?

During this election Trump has repeatedly said mail in voting should not be allowed yet he and his wife used mail’in ballots in past elections.

Louis DeJoy who was appointed postmaster general by Trump made several major changes
shortly after taking office in June 2020 that have reduced mail processing capacity.


How Much of a Mess Was USPS During the Election, Really?
What we know, what we don’t, and whether it could have affected the vote.

NOV 05, 2020




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