Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up

I recently returned an electronics item to Amazon when realizing they had a newer version that was not much more. I was surprised that 30 mins after I dropped it off at the post office I got an email from Amazon saying they received it and had issued a refund. I had heard a bit about the following and was worried this may happen.

I have bought things online when I am not sure if I will like it and only ordered knowing it can be returned if I don’t. I see now that I should take more time reviewing features, reviews etc … before deciding. Online resellers should be rated, asked or regulated on what they do with returns.

"Marketplace journalists posing as potential new clients went undercover for a tour at a Toronto e-waste recycling and product destruction facility with hidden cameras. During that meeting, a representative revealed they get "tons and tons of Amazon Canada returns," and that every week their facility breaks apart and shreds at least one tractor-trailer load of Amazon returns, sometimes even up to three to five truckloads."

They also not the only recycling company receiving Amazon returns and lots of it still goes into landfills.


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