MPI cancellation fees and their legislated monopoly

Here is some information about MPI cancellation fees and their legislated monopoly. Also if you ever have issues with MPI don’t always accept the initial response or even a supervisors whether it on the phone or in person.

I went in to transfer one of our vehicles insurance into my wife’s name on the date it said it was due as I knew they had started charging "cancellation" fees if canceling early. The agent said the system had auto renewed it that morning at 12 am so there was a $143 fee. I said we pay in full every year and did not ask for auto renewal. They said the system won’t let them take it off and I had to call MPI but it was after hours and many people waiting outside due to covid so I reluctantly paid it for the time being.

I called MPI the next day and asked for a refund of the fee. They inititially said they could not and I said I didn’t agree so they went to speak to their supervisor to "double check" and they said no. I told them I wanted to make a formal complaint and they said they would refer it to customer referrals.

Someone from there called me back the next day saying they reviewed it and have reversed the charge and that the agent should have called in as they don’t normally charge it for that short a period since renewal. The mpi agent was very busy with long line up outside so I understood not calling. The system should not have charged it.

I think the cancellation fees in general are bs. They only started charging these a few years ago and no private insurance provider ever charges this. MPI is public so it can better serve the public. It is continuing to be less and less like this and self serving instead. This needs to be reversed or the legislated monopoly ended so they must compete for our business.

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