Elon Musk trots out pigs in demo of Neuralink brain implants – The Verge


I see the potential to do so much good but what about the harm in the wrong hands or unexpected consequences? Is China and others nation states well resourced already trying to do this in humans secretly?

“Musk hoped to start clinical trials of Neuralink in people in 2020. Long term, he said they will be able to restore full motion in people with spinal cord injuries using a second implant on the spine.

But the most important thing the device might be able to do, Musk said, would be to let people achieve what he calls “AI symbiosis,” which allows the human brain to merge with an artificial intelligence. “Such that the future of the world is controlled by the combined will of the people of Earth. …””


Elon Musk, Of All People, Wants To Create ‘Symbiosis’ Between Human Brain And AI

Amal Nair, 16/12/2018

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