Origins of the words Right and Left

If you ever wondered
The word “right” comes from the Old English riht, whose original meaning was “straight” — in other words, not bent or crooked. This word could also mean direct or erect, two concepts that are closely related to straightness

The word “left” comes from the Old English lyft, meaning “weak”, and was used to designate the weaker, non-dominant hand.

The use of “right” as the opposite of “left” came from the simple fact that most humans (about 90%) are “right-handed” and that was considered the “proper” or “correct” hand because it was generally the stronger and more dexterous (a word which comes from the Latin “dexter,” meaning both “skillful” and “right” as in “right-handed”

Left-handed people have an advantage in sports that involve aiming at a target, because their opponents will be more accustomed to the right-handed majority. As a result, they are over-represented in baseball, tennis, fencing, cricket, and boxing.

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