Car theft caught on video shows high-tech thieves stealing Lexus in seconds | CBC News

Car theft caught on video shows high-tech thieves stealing Lexus in seconds | CBC News

For those with only keyless FOBs for their vehicles police are suggesting parking in a garage if possible, and put the FOBs in a signal blocking case like a Faraday cage. They also suggest keeping the FOBs and keys far away from your front door.

They mention Toyota and Lexus but other vehicles with only keyless fobs maybe susceptible.

Thieves have also been using code recorders for regular keyless entry vehicles to capture and play back codes after the driver leaves to gain access into the vehicle to steal contents or try and steal the vehicle. If you in an untrusted location use your regular key or if you have code access buttons like some Fords use that to lock after confirming you have your keys on you. If you have a vale key you may not want to leave it in the vehicle.

For once I am glad I have an older vehicle that still has a key.

I have seen sleves to protect passports with RF tech or for protecting against thieves that try to bump into you to access the tap abilities of some credit and debit cards but not for larger fobs. Sounds like they have something now.

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