Providing Feedback for Goole Maps

Tremblay pedestrian Bridge over the Seine River was skipped on Google Maps route maker.

Have you ever noticed a missing or wrong road or have a suggestion to improve a driving, transit, cycling or walking route in Google Maps? Here is a link on how to provide feedback. I did so for the following route change through part of St. Boniface. When you do, you get an email saying thanks, it being reviewed and you will be notified when changes made. Similar can likely be done with Apple Maps and other mapping apps or sites.

For my friends that cycle or walk through this part of St Boniface here is a suggested route change I submitted if you were not aware already that takes you over the Seine river on the Trembley pedestrian bridge instead of the Marion, Fermor or Niakwa routes.

When searching Google for a cycling route from Southdale or Windsor Park and nearby areas to down town one suggestion is Archibald to Marion but it safer to turn left on the bike route at Guilboult by Archwood School then right on Evans St, past Archwood cc, through the pedestrian crossing at Cusson St to continue on Evans, left on Trembley St, over the Trembley pedestrian bridge, continue on Edgewood, right on Youville, left on Eugenie with several mini traffic circles and resume route.

A new underpass at Fermor Avenue provides a link between southeast Winnipeg and downtown. (CBC/Radio-Canada)

There is also a new pedestrian path along the north side of Fermor to cross the Seine which frequently floods over the current pedestrian bridge and a new tunnel under Fermor with path from Niakwa rd. to Des Meurons ave where you share the road vs. sharing the dedicated path along west side of Archibald.

More information on new tunnel from CBC.

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