Integrity vs lie and deny until someone can provide physical proof philosophy

Too much of modern politics, the corporate world and some parts of society have adopted a lie and deny until someone can provide physical proof philosophy.

There are many examples of modern day political or corporate leaders of different stripes that have a well documented trend of this behavior. Many others do the same but are better at covering it up.

Before this age of misinformation and half truths, integrity and honesty used to be much more common.

Those lacking integrity used to be mostly involved in crime and related shady endeavors.

When claims of physical proof surface they or those they control or can leverage intimidate, bribe and resort to other measures to obtain, conceal or cover up the truth. When that fails they use tactics to divert attention, resort to more lies or misinformation about their accusers or worse. Only rarely and as a last desperate act do they admit wrong doing, apologize and ask for forgiveness.

The majority of their supporters turn a blind eye to this behavior as they only care about the person having similar beliefs as them on current issues. Many join in on the spreading of lies or misinformation to try and reinforce their point of view rather than focus on the whole truth.

Some leaders have consistently used outrageous and often false or misleading statements to sway and extend their supporter base. They repeat these over and over. The media initially calls them out but eventually stop as they appear to be picking on them.

How did we get to where we are?

Is it a result of ad funded social misleadia becoming more popular and influential than trusted media sources? Is it a result of the consolidation of ownership and control of much of the main stream media by a few very powerful and ultra wealthy individuals?

Reliance on proper peer reviewed science is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Has there been a loss of integrity in this as well?

Many people have lost trust or respect of politicians, parties, governments, entrenched bureaucracies, police, large corporations and other authorities.

Why do so many people give up on seeking the truth and accepting a lack of it from political, corporate and world leaders?

Even our Judiciaries are loosing respect as too often the decisions are influenced or biased.

The gap between right and wrong is getting narrow and it is becoming more about what you can get away with and what to do if you get caught rather than doing what is right.

How do we reverse this trend?

About Kevin Yaworski

I use my blog to write about things that I think are a matter of public interest or that I think others will be interested in
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