The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed Mother Nature to remind us what less human pollution looks like

Via and the weather network

The view of the Himalayan mountain chain’s Dhauladhar range is a rarity in country with a documented air quality problem.


The stunning scene was captured by a biologist that works in Venice

Clear skies near the Himalayas, in California and elsewhere with less polluting emissions. Jelly fish and schools of fish returning with clear waters in Venice canals and many other examples of what less human pollution looks like. Maybe this pandemic is mother nature’s way of reminding us of that.

At least it will help dispel some of the disinformation that has been coming from large polluting industries and the think tanks they fund, often covertly.

Himalaya range revealed as COVID-19 shutdown drives down air pollution – The Weather Network

Digital Writers
Saturday, April 4th 2020

Isabella O’Malley
Digital Reporter, Environmental Scientist
Sunday, April 26th 2020

Jellyfish seen gliding through crystal clear Venice canals – The Weather Network

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