Is your Wireless plans in Canada more expensive than it needs to be?

For my friends in Canada with mobile wireless lines that are not on a contract or you want to upgrade your device but have hestitated because new plans cost nearly 50% or more even before any new device cost added.

When your contract expires, you no longer have a device balance and you do not want to upgrade you maybe able to reduce your monthly cost or upgrade your device and get a unadvertised promo plan.

This example is with Rogers but similar maybe available with Bell, Telus or other providers. Hopefully this still valid as there was rumors online today of Rogers no longer offering previous promos after Apr 14th. If so see what new offers have come out.

If you are on a Rogers Share Everything plan still, do not use a lot of data and don’t want to or can’t pay the higher cost for a Infinity plan that starts at $85 /m with BYOD and unlimited data (10 GB at regular speed then reduced speed after) you can try asking them for a non sharing plan.

As of Mar 13th there was one for $55 /m with 4 GB data, unlimited Canada wide calling and messaging plus voicemail. At the time this plan was only available in Ontario and wasn’t promoted online. If you are not in ON you can still tell them the new plans are too costly and you are planning to switch to another provider unless they can offer something better. It helps if you can tell them you have been a long time customer. Either way they may be able to offer it as a loyalty offer. You may need to ask to speak to their supervisor.

I was able to get this for an existing line that was off contract and a new line I was adding. The device cost if you are upgrading or adding new device can be financed. E.g. New iPhone was $24/m for 24 months and then $10.50/month credit for 24 months. The infinity plans with new iPhone were starting at $95/m.

Here are offers from most of the carriers:

Previous offers that may still be available.

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