Was the Covid-19 pandemic manufactured by China or is it just benefiting from it?

April 11 2020

Post on social m(isl)edia followed by some criticism of parts of this theory.

“The coronavirus traveled all over the world from Wuhan China, but it did not reach Beijing or Shanghai or other major cities in China. Can anyone explain how is that possible?

There are so many questions, after all, where it all started, in China, the Chinese stock market did not collapse, but the American and European markets did, and when those markets collapsed, the Chinese bought a lot.

All roads lead back to China

1. They created a virus for which they already had an antidote.

2. They purposely spread the virus for financial gain.

3. There is a clear demonstration of efficiency to such an extent that they built hospitals in a few days. To build so many hospitals they had to be prepared with organized projects, for example, with the ordering of equipment, the hiring of labor, the water and sewerage network, the prefabricated building materials and the storage in an impressive volume. Everything happened so fast that everyone was speechless.

4. They caused chaos in the world, beginning with Europe and the rest of the western worlds.

5. Quickly decimating the economies of dozens of countries.

6. Stop production and manufacturing lines in factories and primary production in dozens of countries.

7. Causing the stock markets to crash and then they bought stocks, bonds and companies at bargain prices.

8. They then quickly gained control of the epidemic in their country. After all, they were ready and he was never really out of control.

9. In all this, they managed to lower the price of basic products, including the price of oil.

10. Now they are going back to mass production while the rest of the world is stopped.

Also note how quickly Chinese unions activated to “hoard” purchases of bus cargo to regional shopping centers across Australia, stripping our shelves of toilet paper and staple foods.

It happened before most of us knew what was happening, even before we knew what the Coronavirus was.”


A lot of that is probable and wouldn’t be surprising if it true. Part of a new type of modern warfare similar to the cyber warfare that has been taking place mostly behind the scenes but with huge impacts.

Here are some criticisms for this theory:

#1. Many experts in virus genetics from different countries working independently came up with the same or similar conclusions. It very unlikely that it was engineered as it would have been extremely difficult. It would have been much easier to use an existing strain that had already jumped to humans but was isolated before it widespread. They said it likely came from bats (likely horseshoe) or an intermediate host like pangolins. Some examples here.

#3. China does not have the level of bureaucracy to slow down emergency actions or preparedness that most liberal democracies have. There is costs to rights and freedoms for the chinese people so not saying they are better overall.

#9. The Saudi Arabia and Russia spat over not implementing production cuts caused the inital price crash in oil. The pandemic just made it worse as it drove down demand.

… agreed on the oil point. But that was just one of a great many products.

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