40 Years Overdue, Grassy Narrows Gets Their Care Home


Glad to see something meaningful being done to allow proper treatment after consumption of poisoned fish from over ten years of illegal disposal of mercury and other industrial chemical waste in the 60’s by the Dryden Chemical Company and Dryden Pulp and Paper Company (subsidiaries of the British multinational, Reed International and Great Lakes Forest Products Ltd.

The fisheries on the polluted rivers had to be closed and there was some monetary compensation but the community members have seen little of this money, due to conditions on its use and bureaucratic requirements by band councils. Similarly to other First Nations communities, the federal government’s Indian Act governance system has made it difficult for band councils and chiefs to negotiate for their people.

More needs to be done to hold the corporations and decision makers accountable so taxpayers are not on the hook. Same with reducing bureaucracy, breaches of ethics and corruption so more done to help those affected.

More info here.

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