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Online privacy tips for YouTube and in general plus some of their limitations

A tip for those that use the YouTube mobile app and care about limiting online data collection of personal information (aka digital fingerprint). If you have signed in to the app to interact, upload or other feature but want to … Continue reading

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The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed Mother Nature to remind us what less human pollution looks like

The view of the Himalayan mountain chain’s Dhauladhar range is a rarity in country with a documented air quality problem. The stunning scene was captured by a biologist that works in Venice Clear skies near the Himalayas, in California and … Continue reading

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Revealed: ‘former Vodafone executive’ in 5G conspiracy video is UK pastor

Link to article in The Guardian plus added commentary — Jim Waterson Media editor Fri 24 Apr 2020 … Jonathon James, who regularly preached at churches in Bedfordshire, is the previously unidentified individual who reached millions of people with his … Continue reading

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Is your Wireless plans in Canada more expensive than it needs to be?

For my friends in Canada with mobile wireless lines that are not on a contract or you want to upgrade your device but have hestitated because new plans cost nearly 50% or more even before any new device cost added. … Continue reading

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Was the Covid-19 pandemic manufactured by China or is it just benefiting from it?

April 11 2020 Post on social m(isl)edia followed by some criticism of parts of this theory. “The coronavirus traveled all over the world from Wuhan China, but it did not reach Beijing or Shanghai or other major cities in China. … Continue reading

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Why pandemics are the perfect environment for conspiracy theories to flourish


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Spanish Flu – Influenza vs Covid-19 Pandemics

A patient wearing a flu mask during the flu epidemic which followed the First World War. (Topical Press Agency/Getty Images) (Topical Press Agency/Getty Images) Apr 11 2019 Interesting article and some important warnings including the risk of multiple waves of … Continue reading

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