Tin foil hat types loving current global conditions

Mar 28 2020 – concerned citizen

There sure is a lot of tin foil hat types jumping all over the current global covid-19 pandemic and related conditions. Be careful they try and use repetition to wear down your common sense. It has been months and years with some of them of just wait it’s coming, its coming etc….

Qanon Deploys ‘Information Warfare’ to Influence the 2020 Election


Origin of the term tin foil hat

New World Order Conspiracy theories

Can’t believe the conspiracy theories going around. It wasn’t started by Trump so he could declare a national emergency and therefore cancel the election and continue on as president. It wasn’t caused by Trumps enemies so everyone would blame him and not re-elect him. See? Both sides playing the conspiracy theories. This is a virus like many before and many to follow. Epidemics and pandemics are nothing new. They’ve been happening for centuries and will continue. Only thing is that with more people in the world, more travel in the world and more social media, it is spreading more quickly, affecting more people and we are hearing about it more readily. Flu vaccines are generally given in the fall so they didn’t cause this. You don’t get a flu vaccine if you already have the flu. They aren’t injecting people with the virus when they say they are testing for it. It’s a nasal swab for people who already meet criteria. Not healthy people who magically become sick after being tested. Anyhow, whatever you believe, stay safe and stay well.

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