Will fear or rational thinking dominate as the COVID-19 virus outbreak plays out?

CTV news

Mar 15 2020


I noticed last week in at least Winnipeg that panic buying started at Costco, Walmart and Superstore. Safeway, Coop and Sobeys were less affected initially. Not sure if demographics may have had something to do with it. Price gouging and profiteering was part of it but thankfully big box stores plus Amazon, Kijiji and others have taken action to discourage this for several reasons including it puts the more vulnerable at risk.

It makes sense during a virus outbreak to make sure the vulnerable and as many people as possible have access to cleaning supplies and essentials especially if they need to self quarantine so we should not overreact out of irrational fear.

My wifey tends to use Superstore, buys less but more often and meal plans to minimize food waste and save money which I am grateful for. I don’t enjoy shopping and more often use Coop, Safeway, Sobeys or IGA to avoid the crowds, for the quality and more variety. I sometimes buy in bulk especially for non or less perishable items and if they on sale to reduce shopping trips and save money.

She once confiscated my Costco card and didn’t want to renew it after a trend of me getting carried away including a $700 bill for mostly food. To my defense the $99 dumpable wagon I got is still our most used and appreciated yard tool. I have made things much worse for myself when doing this bulk shops shortly after she has done the shopping or when she sends me out for milk

We have somewhat limited freezer and food storage space which is part of it but we are still adequately stocked to be able to quarantine for at least two weeks if needed without panic buying.

China and South Korea which were the first and second hot spots are already seeing a reduction of new infection cases internally but if it turns out this outbreak becomes a lot worse or regardless there is many things we can do to reduce the risks for ourselves, our loved ones and others without panicking.

Hopefully it helps people appreciate family, friends and life more.

There is lots of conspiracy theories or doomsday predictions especially on social misleadia about this outbreak and related but am hoping there is enough good left in people that it doesn’t turn out to be that bad. I hope it just a result of it being novel and they don’t have enough data like they have for the regular flu strains or vaccine so are being extra cautious till they know more. The reduction in China and SK are a good sign and that plus stimulus announcements helped equity markets gain some loses but still not stabilized or recovered enough. Time will tell how it plays out but how people react can make a difference .

The information from more trusted sources is saying people shouldn’t get covid-19 again if they had it already. If it mutates yes they could get it again but how long it takes to mutate I didn’t hear, maybe next season? Also if people have built up immunity from this strain hopefully their body can combat the mutated version more quickly. I.e. less severe symptoms. As for getting more common influenza that has been the risk each year but there has been less panic.

Yes most people will likely get this new virus. It just the rate of infection that is the concern as healthcare systems can only handle so many severe cases at once so they trying to slow the spread so it more gradual.


“Once infected you are immune, same as the flu. You don’t get the same flu over and over again. Flu virus mutates rapidly, corona viruses do not (Sars/mers/covid) are all corona viruses. Once infected your immune system creates antibodies to identify and destroy the virus quickly.”

“China is already over it. 3-4 months and back to normal ish… Media is making a mountain out of the mole hill”

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