One cup of milk per day associated with up to 50 per cent increase in breast cancer risk: study

New evidence suggests that women who drink as little as one cup of dairy milk per day could increase their risk of developing breast cancer by up to 50 per cent. (Efired/


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Published Tuesday, February 25, 2020 1:15PM EST


In at least Canada they no longer allow artificial growth hormone to be used but there is natural hormones in the milk and often 75% of the dairy herd is pregnant.

“This study was supported by the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (grant 1UO1CA152939; and the World Cancer Research Fund (U.K.) (grant 2009/93). The funding agencies had no role in the design, analysis or writing of this article”

Link to the study

The dairy industry has been funding academic research which it claims is independent and some has concluded dairy products or diets high in calcium MAY reduce the risk of premenopausal breast cancer.

Which research is more trustworthy.

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