Apple fined for slowing down old iPhones – BBC News


Apple still slowing down older iphones and ipads but have added a warning in the fine print when upgrading iOS. If you have an older iOS device with weakened battery you will need to replace the battery or get a newer device to improve performance.

hey are saying it smooths out battery performance and extends the life of the device. Without this fix their older devices were shutting off unexpectedly or restarting unexpectedly before battery level low.

Most other manufacturers just provide options to slow performance to save battery life but you can disable when needed.

With compact and sealed design changing the battery on most phones these days requires a service call with approved shop or specific tools and know how. My son and I did one a few years ago with his iPhone 5 with the help of a popular youtube video. There is battery and tool kits from reputable sellers online or you may have a local repair shop but check reviews etc …

The EU and some independent countries have or are looking at right to repair legislation for many products to encourage better designs and less e-waste etc …

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