Venezuela economic failure and fake or misleading news

Social misleadia, Trump and many of his supporters and others from the far right have been sharing fake or misleading news about Venezuela’s economic failure.

Venezuela’s economic crisis is an example of failed leadership, corruption and other issues. It has happened elsewhere regardless of left or right leaning. Other oil dependent countries that were left or right leaning have not had as difficult a time due to better leadership, less corruption and less extremes.

Some of the most stable countries with liberal democracies that are getting the most value for public funds are left leaning or closer to center. They have taken steps to reduce or prevent bloated bureaucracies, inefficiencies, ethics issues and corruption.

Much of the same info as in the WSJ below is available here with less bias.

Blaming the left or right for failures rather than the real issues does not move us forward. It just divides us which is the intention of many that are benefiting from this divide.

The elite, ultra elite, the establishment, foreign states and others are benefiting from a divided public who are manipulated into being focused on right vs left vs the real issues.

socialism is not communism but neither has proven to be good for the public or economies and same with unfettered capitalism, dictatorships and autocracies. The countries with a better balance of capitalism and social programs with protections to limit and reduce the effects of greed, corruption etc… are creating the highest quality of living, protections for the environment and much better value from public funds.

Only some of the elite would do well if there was more socialism. This proven which is why it is not widely supported.

I do not have the time or desire to have discussions that are focused on the left vs. right, dividing and relying on false or misleading info rater than the bigger or real issues. We need to focus on what unites the public and finding the right balance that proven to be the most effective.

Venezuela’s Collapse Exposes the Fake Socialism Debated in U.S.

The WSJ has Right-Center Bias with mostly factual ratings here:

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