The strange truth about the pill – BBC Future


Looks like more research needed on birth control pills and the substantial changes they make to women’s brains.

Interesting. This makes me curious as to the the effect, if any, it has had on the LBGTQ and why some say they weren’t born in the right body.

There is transgender men and they didn’t take the pill plus many trans people say they started feeling like they were different than their birth sex before puberty. Still concerning that it changes the brain that much in at least the women they studied.

Oh I realize that but with the changes they are showing in women’s brains which they are possibly attributing to the hormone from the pill, could there possibly be any continuation of the hormonal changes if a woman later gives birth to either sex? And we do already know that many feel they were in the wrong bodies from early on in life and is most likely due to a difference in chemicals in bodies. But could any of these chemical changes in a child be caused by the pill being taken by the mother?

Good question. Maybe in some cases. More research needed. Homosexuality has existed for much longer than the pill so there is much more to it.

There is also other hormone mimicors from plasticizers in some bottles, cans and other products that we store food in or injest in other ways. Some have been banned but they find out later that some of the replacements also have issues.

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