Why this former ‘wine mom’ is calling out drinking culture

‘I was hiding my problem with alcohol in plain sight,’ said Ally Garber, who just marked a year of sobriety

Ally Garber self-medicated with alcohol on and off for 20 years, but just celebrated one year of sobriety. (Ally Garber/Instagram)
(Ally Garber/Instagram)

CBC Radio · Posted: Nov 29, 2019

“now or never
think before you drink
renegotiating your relationship with alcohol”



It more than just wine moms.

I have friends and family who have had to stop drinking alcohol or reduce it even socially due to diabetes or other health concerns and others who choose not to for other reasons.

Some people manage ok with alcohol consumption and others turn to it to self medicate when dealing with anxiety, depression or other issues. Some ignore or struggle with ways to deal with the root issues and need support but are too ashamed or afraid to ask. Without support the issues often get much worse.

Like many I enjoy drinking socially or in moderation at home. As a older teen, young adult and even somewhat later in life there has been lots of parties or get togethers with drinking games, pre bar or pre social drinking etc … with many of my friends. Bottle bombers, shotgunning and other binge drinking was not uncommon. Nowadays many are doing the same things and even more with funnels, alcohol vaporizers and other ways of getting buzzed or drunk.

As you get older the recovery time is longer and it is harder to go to work without adequate sleep etc… 🙂

Now I heard they have allowed alcohol delivery services. Uber Drinks?

As a society are we moving in the right direction? Are our governments doing more than just charging higher and higher taxes on these and related products to try and reduce excessive consumption and the harms that come with that?

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