William Happer Scientist – anti climate change views shared on socialmisledia

This man is a retired professor of atomic physics. Does this make him a scientist we should listen to in regards to rapid climate changes? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Happer

He was bribed by secret activists to write fake report about CO2 emmissions but declined unless they donated money secretly to anti climate science group. He warned it would likely not pass peer review.

A petition that he coauthored to change the official position of the American Physical Society to a version that raised doubts about global warming was overwhelmingly rejected by the APS Council. Happer has no formal training as a climate scientist.


This is like grasping at straws.

I agree just taxing carbon without realistic measurements, targets, rebates and investment in cleaner energy will be ineffective. We are getting something in between and need to push for something better plus transparency and accountability.

Let’s weight pros and cons of reducing emissions – if climate change is a hoax, we still get better air. Do we want to ignoring the warning from most governments, 97% or more of experienced climate scientists plus many financial and economic experts? Many of them are saying our species will suffer greatly and risks going extinct. Resisting cleaning up our environment is like resisting a clean house, neighborhood or city we live in. What is the harm in trying in sustainable and meaningful ways.

… hahaha. You’ll see. Coming soon.
I honestly hope the majority are wrong and it is not as bad as it appears or the meaningful steps taken now make a difference long term without causing too much economic impact.
Humans are wired to ignore too much negative information to a certain degree and sadly can be susceptible to believing false or misleading information especially when they manipulated or it repetitive enough.
Time will tell if as a whole we are making the right decisions.
My only question is – will you except the truth when its exposed – or deem the evidence to be a conspiracy theory – helping to keep this crazed religion alive for another 50 years. That’s the damage – the fanatics will still be out there – for decades or centuries after the global conspirators have died in their cells.
If the vast majority of experienced climate change experts including those who have worked on ice core samples, glacial records and other geological evidence that spans hundreds of thousands of years proved wrong I will be happy. If I know my kids and grand kids will have it as good as I did growing up or better I will be happy.
Then I can keep my F-150 which I use mainly for camping with our pop up tent trailer, won’t ride my bike in winter, will enjoy long road trips and sunset getaway holidays with my family in winter without feeling guilty.
I have visited glaciers in Canada, the US and NZ and the rate of retreat and loss of mass is unprecedented. Some that have existed for much longer than humans are nearly gone.
I hope the warnings and forecasts are wrong but I do not see the harm in trying to act in responsible and sustainable ways. It does not have to be all in or nothing.

The weather changes. In cycles. This is expected. Nothing to do with people or carbon. Think Sun and the irregular orbit.

The climate has changed in warming and cooling periods for over a billion years. Nearly everyone agrees. The experts agree the Earth’s orbit and Sun’s solar activity has had effects but not as rapid as we are seeing. The part often ignored is the geological evidence spanning hundreds of thousands of years that indicate the climate is changing at a much faster rate than before.

This showing in global average air and ocean surface and depth temperatures plus the number of species struggling or failing to adapt. The oceans absorb 90% of the energy and this causing more extreme weather, rapid acceleration in severity and more impact to humans and wildlife.

It is hard to argue the amount of coal, oil and gas consumed by humans has not contributed to the acceleration.


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