Supporting least biased information and news sources with high accuracy

Dec 3 2019 – Concerned Citizen

I care a lot about information and news sources that have a trend of being least biased with high accuracy.
This even more important in modern times with social misleadia and with once trusted democracies and “free” press’s relying on false and misleading information and other propaganda, click bait and other tactics to influence voters, readers or viewers to increase likes, shares, votes, ratings, circulation and ad revenue or spread malware.

Wikipedia is a project by Wikimedia which is a nonprofit that has been rated independently and has a trend of being least biased with high accuracy.
I regularly use them to compare with other information sources I do not trust or want to check.

It usually provides details often purposely excluded by those trying to mislead, information about allegations and if they substantiated and controversies rather than assuming they are proven facts which is what many other posters or news sources will do to benefit themselves or special interests that are influencing them.

I started to donate annually a few years ago to help support them.
Currently they are only registered as a non profit in the USA but are working to obtain this in Canada and elsewhere. If you have any US income you can use your donation to reduce your tax on that income.

To learn more about Wikipedia’s independent ratings and reliability:


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