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Robots may have swung the 2016 presidential election in America

Print edition | Finance and economics

Nov 28 2019 – The Economist

Interesting article about some of what researches are learning about voter behavior.

Several interesting points including this one. There are many that are concerned automation like self checkout is taking away decent paying jobs with benefits. Others argue it just moves the jobs to different sectors.

Robots also make many people uneasy. A paper in 2018 by Carl Benedikt Frey, Thor Berger and Chinchih Chen, all of Oxford University, focuses on anxiety about technological change in America. The authors calculate the share of the workforce in industries that have seen increasing automation. Even after accounting for a range of other factors (including education levels and exposure to Chinese imports), areas more affected by the use of robots were more likely to vote for Mr Trump, the outsider candidate in 2016. In a flight of reasoning that only an economist could dream up, the paper suggests that if the pace of automation had been slower in the years before the 2016 contest, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would have plumped for Hillary Clinton.

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