Winnipeg Police Closing Regional Stations

Nov 29 2019 – Concerned Citizens

The WPS budget is now over $300,000,000 or 27% of entire City budget with ovet 85% of that going to salaries, pension and other benefits. So due to their incompetence, fiscal mismanagement and worse the city went from many small community police offices to report crime or assist police in investigating it to just the four regional stations and all but HQ had limited hrs.

Now there just have the one station downtown with difficulty finding parking, extended paid parking hours and for profit parking enforcement hunting on every corner. This is their logic instead of cutting where it really needed like the senior officers and supertenants making up $150,000 to $200,000 plus 18.3% public paid pension contributions (being reduced now to 11% over next four years).

Once the WPS, Police Board and the City cleanup inefficiencies and help reduce serious crime so Winnipeg not the most inefficient and overstaffed service plus highest and increasing serious crime rate in Canada they could due with 300 less officers to be among the average per capita in Canada instead of the highest.

The recent announcement of redirection of more officers from traffic and other units back to serious crime and community support, removal of OT being pensionable and sharing the low investment return risk with members instead of mostly on the City / Taxpayers and other efficiency and sustainability changes were long overdue.

Much more is needed to improve efficiency, effectiveness, reign in spending and using funds and resources where they needed most.

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