Are streaming services really saving people money and are Canadian producers and culture protected?

Posted: Nov 18, 2019


With the launch of new streaming services, the cost of being subscribed to them all rivalling the cost of top-tier cable packages. Cutting the cord was supposed to save consumers money — so is it? 2:06


The large movie and tv content providers plus TV and telecom companies allowed prices to become unaffordable for more and more. This and emergence of Netflix started the cord cutting era. Crave, Amazon, Apple, Disney, CBS and many others joined the rush to streaming. They have all started funding exclusive content creation.

Disney has purchased the Marvel franchise, Lucas Arts with Star Wars and …, Twenty Centry Fox and others. Now is is pulling back content from Netflix and other services. Now they making more and more content exclusive to Disney Plus subscribers.

Some streaming services in the US are not available in Canada due to smaller market, French language and other requirments.

A few years ago CRTC took action against pricey TV provider packages that only offered large theme packs and contracts with too many restrictions. They were forced to offer more pick and choose channels which helped consumers but made it harder for smaller content providers to survive.

Streaming services like Netflix were selling to millions of Canadians but without the minimum Canadian content requirments that non streaming providers faced. The CRTC worked out a deal with Netflix so they required to purchase $500 Million from Canadian content providers in an attempt to level the playing field but what about Disney and the other providers selling to Canadians?

Netflix to commit $500M over 5 years on new Canadian productions: sources

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