NATO Auditor found dead and family initally suspicious but later accept it was suicide

The Nato flag | Georges Gobet/AFP via Getty Images

Here is more info about this death plus a related post on social media / misleadia with conspiracy theory, some commentary about what is feeding these and similar conspiracy theories and how trusted media sources can be supported.

More info from this news source provided by social media’s source checking partner

More on this news source’s rating below.


I hope any wrong doing exposed and prosecuted fully. Especially with US and other countries building, testing or planning autonomous drone swarms with ability to enable auto target and kill modes.

Sadly this news source like many others like it has a trend of using clickbait to boost ad revenue.

Here is another version of the story. Suicide that family found suspicious until suicide letter found in vehicle which they accepted was his handwriting. He had investments that were hidden from his family that went bad. His employer said he wasn’t involved in counter terrorism or investigating money laundering.

The letter not verified by handwriting experts and coverup or other story, clickbait?

At least the US edition of Politico has a trend of being least biased with high accuracy rating based on this

Comments on social misledia “It remains that the US created and funded ISIS. Watch what develops real soon . Believe nothing – not even the “debunked” claims. I didnt have to read anything to recognize this.”

I am just offering another version of the events. Some people know the truth we don’t. The US, British, Russian, Chinese and other governments have waged many insurgencies or counter campaigns secretly or openly with proper motives and or hidden ones, sometimes it helped the local and foreign country’s public and other times not. We need to stop the swinging of the pendulum for so many things that affect us. So much has to be extreme to get attention rather than find the balance, the facts and the truth

Much of the distrust is from US CIA, NSA, Military, defense contractors and corporations, security consultants and others that have done many things that are unethical, illegal and against public interests for personal or special interest gains. Even without the self and special interests, what Russia, China, Iran and some other countries have done is even worse so should we accept the depth the US and partners have gone to try and combat this behind the scenes? To do some of the things many feel are needed to counter these foreign threats to liberal democracies and western values openly and with public knowledge and funds is likely impossible. Where does that leave us?

Some conspiracy theories later got proven to be truth or partially true but many do not. Many used as clickbait to generate ad revenue. Yes Facebook, and internet giants that started in silicon valley or elsewhere are biased, unethical, unfettered and putting profits above the public good. They have allowed much of the ills of modern society to get worse and new ones to be created. Yet people like to be connected and the features they get regardless of the cost to privacy, society etc… so they will continue to behave this way unless something done to reign them in and find a balance.

The UN is supposed to be a way to unite, bring and maintain peace, promote human rights etc… It has gotten so large like any large bureaucracy it has flaws, wastes money and is influenced and corrupted to some degree. Are we better with it than without? Are we better to try and reform it? There is no simple answers to these questions but they are still important discussions. I have said more than enough.

How can we support trusted media sources without them having to rely on ad revenue or other influence? Donations to them can help or public funding but there is opposition from many conservatives on using tax dollars this way or the concern it will lead to less criticism of government. Either way a structure of protections in place to make sure the funding distributed fairly, sources independently rated and the funding audited.

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