Winnipeg film dives into meth crisis with a look at those suffering

Nov 6 2019 – Winnipeg Sun, CJOB, Concerned Citizens

To understand the methamphetamine crisis in Winnipeg is to understand the people who are suffering and dealing with the drug riddled plague.

Winnipeg filmmaker Rodney Bodner, 47, has spent the last 15 years as a rural paramedic and he deals with users on a regular basis. He has read all the stories but found they were all lacking humanity. Users were statistics or demonized and the issue was almost always dealt with at an arm’s length.

He set out to change that. With his documentary Methamphetamine: Community Under Siege he puts a human face on the issue. He talked to addicts, success stories, organizations who are dealing every day with the crisis and even a dealer.

Mire below from the Winnipeg Sun, CJOB and the crowd funding initiative that supported the film.

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