‘Fast and Furious’ and previous flawed gun tracking / walking programs have cost the lives of innocent people

Nov 7 2019 – Concerned Citizens

This is news from 2016 but is still being recirculate in a misleading way by right or left biased news sources or on social misleadia.

It is more than sad that lives are lost when flawed government programs are created. In at least one case a US border patrol officer killed were two semi automatic firearms found that the ATF had sold and brought into Mexico so they could trace the weapons but then lost track of some of them. Reports of Mexican nations also killed by some of them.

The following site has least biased and high factural ratings. This article says Obama’s response that the flawed fast and furious gun tracking program was started by the ATF and under Bush is false or misleading. It says the program was a gun walking program that is similar to a previous program by the ATF under Bush.

The practice stopped by the Obama administration. As a result of the scandal or for being flawed?

Have these programs helped shutdown large cartels? How many lives saved with these programs? They couldn’t be open and transparent to be effective but there was not enough oversight which was one of the flaws?



More details:

Wikipedia (least bias and high factual ratings)


From Fortune (warning right center bias with high factual ratings)

CNN (warning left bias and mostly factual ratings)

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