Past US Presidents net worth increases and dealing with unethical influence and corruption

Oct 31 2019 – Concerned Citizen

A false and misleading meme on social misledia circulating that claims Obama increased his net worth from $1.3M in 2007 to an estimated $135M with a salary of $400K per year with quote from Harry S Truman saying you can’t get rich in politics unless you are a crook.
From group Turning Point USA

Many past US presidents have received multi-million dollar offers for the rights to their memoirs or books about life in the Oval Office, autobiographies etc…

George H.W. Bush saw his fortune grow from $4 million in his pre-presidential days to $23 million in 2017, and his son, George W. Bush, began his presidency with $20 million and is now reportedly worth $35 million.

Obamas net worth is estimated by several sources to be about $40M and most of it from books and speaking.

There is unethical influence and corruption of many politicians, political parties, government officials, judges, corporate execs, etc… Focusing on one side always divides the public which benefits the evil doers so how do we move forward united? One way is to focus on the facts agreed by the majority and then dig deeper.

Know that the “book deals” themselves are suspect. It’s a way to move the money. The nu bears of these schemes (sales etc) are now under review.

I agree there has been behind closed door deals of all kinds from many past and present presidents, VP”s, other officials and execs etc… Some to share inside secrets or inner workings etc…. Much has been exposed or accused about Bush Jr, Dick Cheney and many others as well How can these be proven and something meaningful done about it to start restoring trust and confidence and act as a better deterent?

So far there has been some formal investigations, charges and convictions but it equals to only a tiny drop in the bucket.

Most of the EU, the UK and some other parts of Europe have issues as well but they do not seem to be as bad or they making more progress or limiting the impacts of corruption. Many of them get much better value for the taxes and fees they paying.

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