Past and recent Immigration to Canada

Oct 29 2019 – Concerned Canadian

The attached meme has been circulating on social misleadia.

Here is some of my comments plus a partial summary of past immigration to Canada and this different perspective from a comment on one the original posts.

“#beothuk is a tribe that no longer exists. So on behalf of all natives, I want to thank this même for noticing the 528 years of carrying out everything accusing the immigrant of, to extinguish our long-lived Bond with nature to bring us money lending capitalism, Christianity; booze, guns and disease from over there from where the immigrants fled.”

l agree with supporting Canadian values and sustainable traditions from current indigenous and immigrant peoples that helped form and develop our great country.

Modern immigration is very different than historic immigration and if managed properly still plays an important role especially with an aging population and with job shortages in several areas.

Here is a partial summary of past immigration to Canada

During the initial colonization or settling of many parts of Canada the cash strapped fledgling Dominion of Canada “negotiated” treaties with indigenous peoples. Then settlers or new immigrants were given up to 160 acres of land for free other than a small fee. ** This was done by the Dominion to settle or claim areas and develop their natural resources.before this was done by the US [government who in many cases treated Indigenous people even more poorly.]

Many initially came from Britian and some parts of Europe which was in an overall sense becoming richer through the Industrial Revolution but steep population growth made the relative number of jobs low, and overcrowded conditions forcing many to look to North America for economic success. [Many people still immigrate to Canada for similar reasons.]

The Dominion Lands Act of 1872 is controversial because the Canadian Government—established by Confederation only five years earlier—was extremely short on funds and never provided adequate if any compensation to the indigenous nations for the use of the lands which the Government had decided to give away for free.

[There has been controversy with other immigration legislation or policy since and some effort made to compensate for mistakes of the past as well as other reconciliation efforts.]

In 2006, Canada received 236,756 immigrants. The top ten sending countries were PR of China (28,896); India (28,520); Philippines (19,718); Pakistan (9,808); US (8,750); UK (7,324); Iran (7,195); South Korea (5,909); Colombia 5,382; and Sri Lanka (4,068).[2] The top ten were followed closely by France (4,026), and Morocco (4,025), with Romania, Russia, and Algeria each contributing over 3,500 immigrants.[3]

Here is links to the source of above other than [my comments] and more info on past immigration to Canada including up to at least 2006 and links to more recent stats.

Response to above on the original post

Thank you …. You are always very concise and informative. I appreciate your comments.

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