Tech giants and others are Reading License Plates

Google And Facebook Are Reading Your License Plates

Some police, public or third party for profit traffic or parking photo enforcement partners, public auto insurance providers and others are also using OCR and automatic license plate readers (ALPR’s).

In at least Manitoba MPI purchased ALPR’s for police use using rate payer funds without public consultation or oversight on their use.

I have usually obscured my plate # when posting vehicle photos online in the past but not always. I wonder if this the same with Kijiji, AutoTrader etc… They may not have the capacity to store and index as may photos as the big tech giants.

Some platforms also prompt you to add tags to photos or allow your friends to tag you in them so if there is plate #’s in photos this may be added to your digital fingerprint and shadow profiles.

More on digital fingerprints

This is Your Digital Fingerprint

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