Have the Canadian Federal emmissions reduction plans started working?

Oct 8 2019 – Concerned Citizen

Social misleadia post or rant?

“Canada had a 0.6% rate of reduction in emissions per year under the Liberals the UN has reported well under the 3.5% promised. The US delivered 1.5% reduction while their industry’s grew go figure. Liberals have no plan only pipe dreams they are climate frauds vote them out.”


I agree Trudeau, his inner circle, those that influenced him and gave into his or their influence have failed Canadians on many levels or worse. Similar can be said about most political leaders and parties as they mislead, lie, cheat or worse to get elected or re-elected.

We need to force the system to be reformed to restore balance and sustainability. This means drain the swamp and not just flip floping as the pendulum swings and we get stuck with status quo or worse every four or so years.

How much of the emmission reductions were the work of previous US administrations, arms length or independent agencies and groups that are well organized and funded?

We lack much of this in Canada.

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