Is humanity heading towards mass afflictions of Hikikomori

Google – Businesss insider

Comment on social media about children as young as five being asked to choose gender fir bathroom use etc…

If I were to write a fiction novel, I would predict future generations will be genderless, extremely sensitive emotionally and psychologically, socialization if any limited to online, and getting sensual stimulants only from porn, which all together will eventually lead to extinction 🤷‍♀️ I think it already started, check out hikikomori 🤔

Some are saying many modern societies are heading in this direction with more and more afflicted with this condition.

With skip the dishes, amazon, etc… and working, hacking or … from home for money many are rarely leaving home.

Are legal and illegal medications or drugs, toxic or untested food additives, environmental pollution etc… that are altering people physiologically a part of this? Is some of this intentionally being done to dull the public to be more docile and easily manipulated?

More people are turning to filtering and distilling or purifying rain water, composting, growing their own food and making their own products when possible. If you do just make sure you know how to do these safely and test your water and soil at least inititally and preferably periodically. Some neighborhoods or properties where once part of industrial sites or exposed to contamination and rezoned without proper cleanup.

More are turning to nearly forgot practices like fermenting, canning etc…

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