How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs – and puts lives at risk – The Globe and Mail


Mahan Singh sits at a friend’s house in Toronto on a rare day when he is not driving an 18-wheeler truck. Mr. Singh, an Indian national, had never considered a trucking job until Canadian immigration consultants told him it could help on his path to permanent residency. But he says working conditions were unsafe under his first employer in B.C.

Immigration consultants and small home based “trucking” firms with sketchy safety records have found ways to exploit foreign job seekers, sometimes with tragic results when unprepared drivers are sent out on the road, a Globe investigation finds.

Large and illegal cash payments from recruits to these dodgy companies that only have one or two trucks. They collude with or seekout other companies that provide less than adequate training and testing of their new drivers.

“The dangerous scheme centered around Surrey BC has been allowed to flourish partly because there is no systemic integration between provincial regulators for the trucking industry and those overseeing the immigration system at the federal level.”

“This is just the type of employer that Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, who came to Canada as a student, was working for when he drove his truck through a rural stop sign last year ” and causing the horrific crash with the Humbolt Broncos youth hockey team’s bus that killed 16 players and staff plus injuried 13 others.

I am glad the globe has investigated and better exposed this scheme but why did the RCMP and the authorities involved not catch or prevent this earlier? I hope there is criminal charges for those involved in orchestrating and allowing this illegal and dangerous s scheme.

Ottawa to probe possible abuse of foreign workers as B.C. reviews trucking rules

October 06 at 8:53 p.m. CD

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