Dealing with rampant thefts at Manitoba Liquor Stores

Curbing shoplifting at liquor stores

In 2017, there were approximately 658 thefts in Manitoba Liquor Marts reported to Winnipeg police. In 2018, the number jumped to 2,602 — a spike of nearly 300 per cent. In March of this year, the Crown corporation implemented new initiatives to curb theft from its liquor stores.4 days ago

5 teenage girls arrested after Winnipeg liquor store theft

Facebook Post from Concerned Citizen

See if we get answer here

@BrianPallister Mr. Premier. I voted for you, so I at least expect an answer.
At what point do you start holding management at Manitoba Liquor Commissions responsible for curbing thefts? Costing taxpayers hundreds thousands dollars and zero solutions.
Fix it or fire them.

This is just me, but 3 possible solutions
>ID upon entry
>must be buzzed out to leave
>setup like old Consumers Distributors. All stock in back out of sight. Point to a catalogue or touch screen and bring it to you.

Call me crazy, but are these not viable possible solutions? Without having to pay bloated management salary either!


In my experience with this and previous Premiers and Ministers their aids usually just forward to the deputy minister (in this case) Crown Corps or respond themselves.

They may respond formally after a few months and cc the Premier or Minister.

There is the Minister and standing committee for Crown Corps at the Manitoba Legislature and the LLC board who can be contacted. They both have open public consultations periodically. Your MP can speak when the legislature is in session to raise an issue and introduce a private member’s bill to be voted on.

Once enough of the public take these and other meaningful actions for this and other important issues to them our elected and appointed officials and their public paid bureaucrats / policy analysts / spin doctors will take notice and we will start to see progress. Anything else and they give lip service, respond inadequately or ignore.

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